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“We have the right to be happy”

“We have the right to be happy”

After Committee on Social Security, Social Assistance, Childhood, Adolescence and Family of the Chamber of Deputies approve, by 12 votes to 5, the bill that prohibits same-sex marriage in Brazil, Gil do Vigor used his social networks to show his indignation with the approval of Congressman Pastor Eurico’s text.

“Today, during the Chamber Committee, we were once again the target of attacks. The unconstitutional bill that aims to prohibit same-sex marriage advanced in this Committee”he said.

“We have been associated with words like ‘disease’ and our family structure has been delegitimized, with claims like ‘children raised by homosexual couples are deprived of the pedagogical and socializing value of the natural complementarity of the sexes in the family’. Once again, we were targets of attacks and our struggles were minimized”wrote Gil.

“However, this is not the end! We will fight with all our strength against this atrocity. No one will stop us from loving”, he concluded in the caption of the publication.

In the video, the economist said: “With so much that is happening in our country, there are natural disasters, so much violence, so much unemployment, hunger. And the deputies are worried about debating a law to try to roll back the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“Guys, we just want to be happy! I want to ask someone to marry me, to be able to get married, to have my role, in my heart, in my experience, the certainty that I have the civil right as a citizen to be living with another person. That’s it. How is it harming other people? Where will my being married to another man be taking away your joy, your happiness?”, he added.

“Why are people debating this issue? These are conquered rights! We have the right to be happy! Don’t you want to fall in love? You, who are straight, don’t want to fall in love, don’t you want to get down on your knees and ask someone else to marry you? You Don’t you want the right to have a party? Don’t you want the right to be there at the civil registry, at the registry office that you love, that person who is married to that person? We want it too! That’s it!”, concluded.

Source: Maxima

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