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Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend spoke about their relationship

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Grant and Reeves became friends in 2011 when they collaborated on the book Ode to Happiness. Over the years, their friendship grew into a romance, which was first discussed at the end of 2019.

American artist Alexandra Grant shed new light on her relationship with boyfriend Keanu Reeves. People are reporting it.

In particular, at the Los Angeles Beverly Arts Icon Awards ceremony, he said that what he liked about his communication with the actor was that they pushed each other to forge new paths.

“The good news is that I fell in love as an adult. By the time I was in a relationship, I had built my own career. I feel so confident in relationships and on the red carpet. That’s all I feel confidence What I love about Keanu and our exchange is that we push each other to forge new roads. Watching other people solve problems inspires, “Oh, okay, this, this is a dead end. How can I try something else?’ He inspired me. He’s very creative, he’s very kind and he’s very hardworking,” she said.

In addition, Alexandra Grant added that she supports Keanu Reeves not only in his acting career, but also in his musical career, as she is a fan of his band Dogstar. He was not even angry that the star of the movie The Matrix had to miss their date because of the concert.

“I’m very proud. I’m a big fan of Dogstar. I was happy to go to their first public concert, and since I’ve been listening to the last album for a long time, I’m one of the few people in the audience who knows all the lyrics. It’s really cool . It’s fun.” “So much fun,” the artist concluded.

It was previously reported that Keanu Reeves’ band Dogstar has announced their first album in 23 years and shared the lead single.

Keanu Reeves is married for the first time – media
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