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Voitenko’s ex-wife presented a shocking letter to the actor

Voitenko’s ex-wife presented a shocking letter to the actor


The couple divorced in the fall of 2022. Now the actors share custody of their common daughter Emilia.

The scandal surrounding the actor Konstantin Voitenko is gaining new momentum. The other day, his ex-wife Valentina Marinina accused him of domestic violence, and now the correspondence with the father of her child has been made public.

In particular, in private messages, the artist denied his words and threatened his ex-husband with a lawsuit.

“I will not allow anyone to lie to me. You will never be able to manipulate me. And if you start lying in public, there will be a trial, and you are lost. I will do everything so that we undergo a physical examination. and examination by a psychiatrist and have an MRI of the brain. So that everyone can know who is really sick,” the actor writes.

Konstantin Voitenko also threatened his ex-wife with a lawsuit if she turns their daughter against him. In addition, he promised to publish an audio recording in which Marinina’s mother allegedly said that she was “killing a child.”

“If you are forbidden to see a child, there will be a court. If you limit communication with a child or set him against me, he will still grow up and draw conclusions. And there will be only one conclusion – you will be hated he, and communicate well with me,” added the showman.

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Earlier it was reported that Woody Allen at the Venice Film Festival was met with whistles and displeased cries from the public.

The ex-wife of Konstantin Voitenko spoke about the experience of domestic violence

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