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Tiago Abravanel’s mother opens her heart about her son’s judgments at ‘BBB22’

Cintia Abravanelmother of Tiago Abravanelopened his heart about how he felt about the public’s judgments during his son’s participation in BBB22.

“It was really cool to see him together with the men, because the female life was always very present in him. I separated when he was four years old, he has two sisters, grandmother, aunt, my mother-in-law’s sixth grandson with five granddaughters, so there were always a lot of women in his life. I found it super interesting he’s there with the boys”, she said on PODCAST CARAS.

Sincerely, she confessed that, as a mother, it was difficult to see her son being criticized for being a kind man.

“But it bothered me that people wanted to see Tiago being bad, Tiago being a bad person, arguing”, he spoke.

Cynthia added: “How can you not be nice because you don’t get ratings? So he started to be persecuted out here because he was nice because he was a good guy. So that for me was already absurd, right? So in this context he didn’t have to be right there.”

She commented on one of Tiago’s most controversial moments on the program: when he revealed problems with his maternal family and did not have a close relationship with Silvio Santos.

“They created a rumor, because everything is a reason to speak ill, right? People don’t know how to praise anyone and he spoke the truth. He lived more with the other grandfather than with my father. Speaking the truth is uncomfortable. You have to lie to please some gossip shows out there?”, he said.

Cintia said that her son should not return to another reality show. “He has interesting projects ahead of him. My eldest daughter, Ligia, manages his career, creates projects, closes big deals, partnerships for him. There’s something new coming around”, she told.

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