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Madonna was rushed to the hospital after a grueling rehearsal

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The singer has been working 12-hour days in preparation for her tour, which is set to begin on July 15.

Famous American singer and actress Madonna was hospitalized for trying to compete with younger stars like Taylor Swift and Pink. The New York Post writes about it.

In particular, the 64-year-old performer ignored signs of illness to continue rehearsals for his long-awaited Celebration tour.

He is recovering from a bacterial infection that sent him to the intensive care unit last month.

“The countdown is really on. Madonna has put all her chips on one number, which is this tour. She’s been working overtime, but clearly burned out, and those around her politely remind her her that she is no longer 45, not to mention 25. She needed to keep up with the times. It was very risky to put pressure on yourself like that,” said the insider.

Both Swift, 33, and Pink, 43, recently embarked on their own tours. Swift continued to play a four-hour show, and Pink shocked fans with aerial stunts over the heads of her audience. Therefore, in order to compete, Madonna forced herself to many hours of grueling rehearsals, which gradually affected her health.

Nearby stars noticed the physical exertion he endured and feared it might lead to the fate of Michael Jackson, who passed away on the eve of his This Is It tour in 2009.

“Madonna was in good spirits before the incident, but some friends advised her to stop and rest because of the grueling schedule ahead of her,” the source said.

It was previously reported that singer Madonna, who was diagnosed with a bacterial infection, has been released from the hospital.

Madonna was rushed to the hospital with a serious infection

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