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Holidays May 26, 2023: name days, prohibitions, facts

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Redhead Day, Barefoot Day and World Dracula Day are the most interesting events on May 26 at Athletistic.

In the Gregorian calendar, May 26 is the 146th day of 2023. There are 219 days left in the year.

What are the holidays in Ukraine and the world on May 26

  • day of the red-headed man

  • barefoot day

  • World Dracula Day

  • Mid-Pentecost

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barefoot day

What happened on May 26

  • 1829 – Russian sailors win the Battle of the Bosphorus.

  • 1896 – the medal was established in memory of the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II.

  • 1913 – the world’s first flight in a multi-engine aircraft, the Russian Knight, was made.

  • 1938 – the foundation stone of the first Volkswagen plant was laid in Germany.

Who was born on May 26

  • 1053 – Grand Duke of Kiev Vladimir Monomakh.

  • 1886 – American minstrel entertainer Al Jolson.

  • 1908 – Soviet playwright Alexei Arbuzov.

  • 1951 – American astronaut, the first American female astronaut Sally Ride.

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Vladimir Monomakh

Town and church holidays May 26

The Orthodox Church honors the memory of two saints named Glykeria.

At the same time, on this day, the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches of the Byzantine rite celebrate the middle of Pentecost.

Melting Wednesday is one of the oldest Christian holidays. Its first mention dates back to the end of the 4th century.

Traditions and rituals

On this day, rituals are performed to reap a good harvest, and for people and animals to have good health. Consecration of water in lakes and rivers is widespread, which is used to treat various diseases in humans and animals.

What Not to Do

It is forbidden to embroider on this day, otherwise you can defile your health.

Signs May 26

  • Onions planted on this day will be bitter.

  • If you dry your clothes on this day, there will be no moths.

Who has a birthday today?

Name days on May 26 are celebrated by: Alexander, Vasily, George, Efim, Makar, Sergey, Taras, Yuri, Irina.

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Name day May 26

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