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5 Lies You’ve Always Been Told About Zodiac Signs

Astrology is an ancient knowledge that has fascinated people for centuries, but it is important to understand that it does not provide simple answers, as we are all complex beings. Many people believe that zodiac signs can reveal information about personality and destiny, but one must be careful not to generalize information.

“When we hear about our sign, based on the day of the birthday, we end up believing that astrology is that. But this idea that a sign is personality defining is the biggest lie you’ve always been told about signs. Since then, many others have emerged”, says Yara Vieira, an astrologer at the Astrocentro.

Below, you discover some of the most common lies we hear out there about astrology!

Myth 1: Every person has a star sign

The idea that each person has a sign can be considered the great myth of astrology, but it is essential to understand that we have all the signs in our Astral Chart. This map is the main tool of astrology, because it makes it possible to follow the passage of the planets through the zodiac.

“The Astral Map contains the astrological signs, planets and houses, which form a unique combination at every moment. Therefore, each person has a unique astrological chart, in which planets and signs are interacting in different ways. That sign you usually call yours is just the sun sign, that is, the place where the Sun was on the zodiac wheel when it was born. But all the other signs (and the planets) are also in your personal chart”, says the astrologer.

Different characteristics of the signs

The signs deal with ideas, instincts, reactions and tendencies that exist in all people. Aries, for example, is known for the possibility of being leaders, agents of change, definers of our desires. This is a potency and possibility that exists in all people, but each one deals with the characteristics of Aries differently.

Some people may be more Aries at work than they are at home, while others may have a hard time dealing with this sign’s influence. All of this also depends on the processes we are experiencing. A process of loss or termination activates some areas of the Astral Map, while achievements and moments of “struggle” awaken other possibilities in us.

Myth 2: Astrology determines your destiny and your personality

The belief that astrology determines personality and destiny is very common. However, the astrological relationship that exists between the planetssigns and people is a correspondence, not a sentence.

“Astrology offers valuable insights into personality, showing trends and potentials, but it does not determine or sentence anyone to anything. Each person’s personality is shaped by a wide range of factors, including family, childhood, beliefs and choices”, comments Yara Vieira, astrologer at Astrocentro.

Myth 3: Astrology predicts specific events in the future

Despite the name “predictions” being very common in astrology, it does not predict specific events of the future. However, it can provide insight into general trends about the cosmic energies at play. This belief that the movement of the stars helps predict the future is linked to the idea that they define destiny.

Fate and all future events are shaped by a combination of factors, which cannot always be deciphered with the help of astrology. “Although it is possible to analyze the astrological transits of the future from astronomy, it is possible to calculate and follow the transit of the planets, each movement influences people and their environment in a unique way, and it is not possible to predict specific events”, says the astrologer.

In addition to the sun sign, there are other factors that influence the personality of each individual (Image: HstrongART | Shutterstock)

Myth 4: All people of the same sign are the same

The belief that all people of a sign are the same comes from the idea that we are a specific sign, the sun sign. While it can provide insight into a person’s personality, there are many other factors that also play an important role.

Some of these influences include the ascendant (the sign that was rising over the horizon at the time of birth), the position of planets in different astrological signs and houses, the Moon and many other factors. Furthermore, a person’s personality is also shaped by factors such as their upbringing, family environment, life experiences, personal values ​​and beliefs.

“So, although people who share a sign may have some characteristics in common, each person is unique and has their own combination of astrological and non-astrological influences, which contribute to their personality and behavior”, warns Yara Vieira.

Myth 5: Astrological compatibilities are infallible

One of the most popular areas of astrology is compatibility between signs. Many people believe that if two people have compatible zodiac signs, their relationship will be harmonious and lasting.

There are several ways to measure the affinity between the signs, and one of the main parts of the notion of complementarity that exists in astrology. Opposites carry characteristics that need to be illuminated in their pairs, and for this reason, complementary opposites are famous for “working out”:

  • Aries and Libra;
  • Taurus and Scorpio;
  • Gemini and Sagittarius;
  • Cancer and Capricorn;
  • Leo and Aquarius;
  • Virgo and Pisces.

Despite this relationship of compatibility between the signs, the combinations may vary according to the Astral Map of each individual. Therefore, a comparative analysis of the maps is carried out to obtain more accurate information (but not predictions) about the compatibility between two people. This analysis is called Astral Synastry and it can be done to investigate and understand the “lights” and “shadows” of the most diverse relationships – friendships, lovers, work partners or family members.

By Julia Vitorazzo

Source: Maxima

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