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See how pilates favors women’s health

Technique helps improve from posture to reduce PMS and menopause symptoms

What woman doesn’t want to feel good about her own body? But it’s not just about looks; the search for quality of life has grown in recent years, that is, the goal of having a beautiful body, but also a healthy one. Physical exercises are undoubtedly great allies in achieving these goals.

benefits of pilates

O pilates, in particular, offers multiple benefits to women and a wide range of audiences. “The technique, which has concentration, control, centralization, precision and breathing as its basic principles, helps to work the mind and body together”, points out Ana Luísa Marçal, physiotherapist and clinical director of Instituto Pilates, Guarulhos unit.

Motivating and exclusive classes

With a large repertoire of exercises and few repetitions of each movement, pilates classes tend to be motivating and exclusive. “There is no physical exhaustion or stimulation of monotony. The exercises can be performed on specific devices or on the ground, with the aid of accessories that make the class more fun. The technique allows a personalized service, adapting each exercise to the needs, limitations and objectives of each student”, explains the specialist.

Advantages for women

For women, the benefits are even more remarkable. According to Ana Luísa, pilates exercises balance body and mind, strengthening, toning and stretching the body, improving blood circulation, increasing disposition and unloading the mind levels of stress and anxiety.

“Furthermore, strengthening the deep and superficial muscles of the female abdomen through pilates helps maintain good posture, makes the appearance more elegant (thinning the silhouette) and even improves the functioning of the internal organs”, he comments.

The activity helps fight migraines and PMS (Image: fizkes | ShutterStock)

Other health benefits

In the menopausal and post-menopausal phases, according to Ana Luísa Marçal, the activity helps alleviate symptoms such as migraines and PMS, typical of hormonal fluctuations. In addition, it is efficient in combating and treating diseases in this adult stage, such as urinary incontinence and osteoporosis.

“For those who suffer a lot from the symptoms of PMS, the practice of pilates is highly recommended, since the physical exercises put the body in movement, releasing endorphins (a hormone responsible for feelings of well-being and pleasure). Therefore, symptoms such as irritability, depression, tiredness, emotional sensitivity, anxiety, among others, are reduced.”

However, the physiotherapist warns that the exercises need to be done more lightly while the woman is in her menstrual period.

Advantages for pregnant women

Known as the number 1 exercise for pregnant women, the activity is highly recommended during this phase. “Pilates contributes to alleviating common pains during pregnancy, prepares the mother for a more peaceful delivery, through breathing work, in addition to making postpartum recovery much faster”, highlights the physiotherapist.

exercise for self esteem

With the combination of several benefits that the activity promotes, it is easy to conclude that women can acquire more self-esteem with the practice of pilates. Be healthier, have your body and mind united and seek the Theincrease in quality of life directly favor a woman’s inner well-being. “Feeling good is one of the goals of pilates, after all, there’s nothing better than feeling great inside and out”, concludes Ana Luísa Marçal.

By Vitória Nascimento

Source: Maxima

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