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5 tips to apply Feng Shui in the bathroom and have a protected environment

Feng Shui aims to intensify or activate all the vital energy of the place, feeding good vibes and eliminating the problems that surround the environment. Knowing this, it is worth considering that each room in our house is related to a specific aspect of our life.

However, according to Katrina Deville, spiritualist at iQuilíbrio, the practice of Feng Shui in the bathroom deserves attention, as this room can take away good energy. This happens because, according to ancient Chinese art, this room is considered “energy thief”, precisely because it collects all the impurities that come out of our body, such as bath water and personal hygiene.

Zeal with space

A balanced and harmonious space is a true magnet of good luck and prosperity in our lives. “And the bathroom, especially, should be treated as a special space, after all it is one of the most intimate rooms in our house”, he says. The expert explains that if there is a bathroom near the bedroom, problems such as insomnia, anxiety, sleepless nights and sexual disinterest can surface.

In the same sense, the relationships may also be harmed: separation or affective wear on the part of family members may occur. Still, it is possible that problems interfere with studies, work, business, prosperity and money.

A renovation and even a construction would solve the problem, but unfortunately it is not always possible. Therefore, the spiritualist highlights 5 simple tips. Look:

1. Bathroom door always closed

When practicing Feng Shui in the bathroom, some precautions are very important and even known as “cure”. The first step is to leave the door closed so that the bathroom does not absorb and throw away the energies of the house.

two. Cleanliness, order and ventilation

Unlike the door, the bathroom window must be open for ventilation to enter. The place must always be very clean and airy, especially since it is a common family environment. You you can organize the bathroom and have organizing baskets, separating objects by categories. However, remember, without excess: only have what you use on a daily basis.

Bathroom care can improve everyday vibes (Image: lana_m | ShutterStock)

3. Choose the right plants

In addition to making the environment more welcoming, plants are considered sources of beneficial energy. However, Katrina warns that it is necessary to consider whether or not the bathroom has ventilation and natural light when choosing plants, as they always need to be healthy. “Avenca, boa constrictor and lucky bamboo are some good options for the environment”.

4. decoration and location

Bathroom location and elements are also important. “Use wood or metal decor to cancel out bad energies if the bathroom is in the northeast or southwest. being east of the House, take advantage of the morning sun rays to bring good vibes and clean up the energies of the place a little. However, if the bathroom is located in the northwest and west, it is important to use flowers and plants (yang energy) in yellow or earthy tones to help prevent the energy from leaving. If you are in the south, use earthy tones, nudes and pink vintage. Finally, if you are in the north, opt for blue and black,” says the professional.

5. fix the leaks

Finally, the spiritualist at iQuilíbro advises to make sure that there are no broken tiles or water leaks. “Hang a faceted sphere, geode, or crystal ball from the ceiling to absorb the energynegative,” he concludes.

By Julia Vitorazzo

Source: Maxima

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