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Can sleeping on your side cause wrinkles?

Roseli Siqueira clarifies doubts and even gives tips on how to prevent the face and body from being marked

Scrub it from here, knead it from there, and the doubt you don’t want to shut up is: Roseli, can friction between the skin and the pillow and even the bed create wrinkles? Yes, you can! This happens due to lack of hydration, which makes the dermis less elastic, contributing to the appearance of marks and fine lines. And also because of the daily gestures we make added to aging.

But, you see, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sleep on your side, on the contrary, sleep is essential for our health, including the skin. What you need to do is invest in a night care routine that will minimize the wrinkles of those who already have them and prevent those who don’t. Want to know how to do this? Check out the tips below.

reinforce hydration

When the skin lacks energy and is dry, with an unbalanced pH, it kneads easily on the pillow and accentuates wrinkles and expression lines. So, it is essential to keep the dermis nourished and elastic. Before bed, apply a good moisturizer and/or 100% natural pumpkin seed, sunflower and coconut oil. It is worth remembering that water consumption is very important to improve hydration, so drink at least two liters a day. As for food care, invest in carotenoids, such as carrots and beets, as they will help melanocytes (melanin-producing cells responsible for skin pigmentation) in defense.

Opt for detox masks

Did you know that free radicals are the main cause of premature aging? That is why it is so important to apply cosmetics that have an anti-aging action and that provide greater resistance to the skin, in this case, a mask based on flowers and fruits, such as lotus flower, passion fruit, arnica montana, aloe vera, chamomile and calendula.

Use natural fiber pajamas and bedding

Fabrics also need to be taken into account when thinking about skin care, as they can contribute to further creasing the face. Give preference to natural fibers, such as silk, which, in addition to being soft, does not absorb the skin’s natural oils, unlike cotton.

facial gymnastics

Over time, the musculature of the face tends to weaken and make the facial expression sad, saggy and consequently more conducive to the appearance of wrinkles. To prevent this from happening, make it a habit to work your muscles daily. In this video I teach you some facial gymnastics movements that you can do anywhere:

Recipe to moisturize the skin

To make a mask that retains water in the skin, leaving it nourished and protected, you will need a small boiled beetroot. It is an important source of carotene, which helps protect the skin. Beat the tuber in a blender along with a cup of saline coffee. Strain the mixture and bring to a low boil, adding a sheet of colorless gelatine. Mix until it becomes a broth. Allow to cool, apply to face, leave for 15 minutes and rinse.

Roseli Siqueira is a beautician and cosmetologist, has been working with natural products and treatments for over 40 years. Among her clients are actresses Zeze polessa, Guilhermina Guinlethe singers Fafá de Belem and Luciana Mellothe models raica and Izabel Goulartand the presenters Isabella Fiorentino and Xuxa.

The specialist, who is a columnist for Máxima Digital, shares special tips on skin care and healthy aging with our readers every Wednesday.

Instagram: @roselissiqueira
Youtube: Roseli Siqueira
Website: www.roselisiqueira.com.br

Source: Maxima

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