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Heat wave causes 17% jump in deaths in summer 2022

Last summer was the second hottest in France since the beginning of XXe century. France was hit by three consecutive heatwaves in June, July and August. Some departments, such as Vaucluse or Drôme, even accumulated more than 20 days. Now is the time to assess the health situation because heat is a major factor in mortality, as the 2003 heat wave and its 14,800 deaths in three weeks harshly taught us.

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During the three heat waves of 2022, excess mortality from all causes combined at national level is estimated at 2,816 deaths, i.e. a relative excess mortality of + 17% in the relevant departments, explains Public Health France (SPF). This includes deaths directly caused by the heat, but also by other unusual factors, particularly for the summer of 2022, the Covid pandemic (directly responsible for 894 deaths).

“But it is impossible to separate these two elements, because one can influence the other…

Source: Le Figaro

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