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How to work with a narcissistic pervert

How to work with a narcissistic pervert

“Just hearing his name makes me anxious.” Alexandra* is experienced “psychological shock”. working for a Parisian startup founder whose commercial talent is matched only by his art of manipulation. The former right-hand man of the same man, Mathieu*, won for the first time; “I saw him as a genius. I said to myself. what an opportunity to work for him!

A few months later, he discovered a completely different character in his thirty-year-old boss, “inhuman, paranoid, mythical, sometimes violent”. “He’s someone who brings people down”he describes.

“Perfect Hunt”

“narcissistic pervert”, run two former employees of the company. A fashionable but not always well-understood expression deserves clarification. It is a relationship disorder that consists of enhancing one’s self-image by crushing others. A narcissist is a pervert “A good psychologist. When a partner lacks self-esteem or is going through a difficult time, it makes them an ideal victim.Johanna Rosenblum explains…

Source: Le Figaro

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