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Dwayne Johnson Tributes to His ‘F ** ked Up Dinosaur Hands’ In New Photo

Dwayne Johnson turned 50 this spring, but recently shared a photo on social media where it looks like many people of any age can continue training with him at the gym.

In a post-workout motivational shot, Rock said his “broken” and heavily torn “dinosaur hands” were all he needed:

Monday Killer Training here in Hawaii.
Start this week with great momentum + focused intentions.
85 degrees, AC, no mirrors.
Just iron and my numb dinosaur hands ⁇????
Thanks for the pumpkin.
Good week friends and LFG !!!# pic.twitter.com/qDfxMFaTej

– Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) March 29, 2022

Johnson also shared a photo of these indifferent hands earlier this month:

End the week briskly.
The wolf always bites … so let’s get to work.#CallusGameStrong#Rock project@The rock@UnderArmor pic.twitter.com/BhrK8gCgdM

– Project Rock (@ProjectRock) March 4, 2022

He will play the lead role in the movie “Black Adam”. DC Comics Character, this summer.

Source: Huffpost

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