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Covid-19. Didier Raoult finally admits that the vaccine “reduces the risk of mortality”.

Didier Raul returns to some of his statements. The former director of the Institute of Hospital Infections of the University of Marseille gave an interview to the YouTube channel of former presidential candidate François Asellino, who is known for his skepticism about the usefulness of the vaccine.

When asked about this, Didier Raul assured that he “had no therapeutic religion“, and”vaccinated people die less than unvaccinated people“. He thus contradicted himself on old remarks made in 2021.Mortality rates are not lower among those vaccinated“He said a few months after explaining it to Paris Match.”vaccines are not always the right solution“. The vaccine”reduces the risk of death, he says today. That doesn’t mean it prevents infection. (Covid) is a scenario quite close to the flu, which we have known for a long time. If we could eradicate the flu (with a vaccine), it would be popular.»

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“It’s taking it, it’s terrible.”

Didier Raoul, however, continued his criticism of the management of the crisis, recalling that there had been “There were 6,000 deaths among people under the age of 45 in Europe“. “There was a population that needed to be protected, like people in nursing homes, they needed to be treated (…) and we didn’t take good care of them.“And lament that”political power had captured medicine“. Didier Raul announced in March 2020 Provence that Covid-19 probably won’t kill 10,000 people. “10,000 dead is a big number. Currently we are less than 500. We’ll see if we get to 10,000, but that would surprise me“.

During the interview, the professor takes the opportunity to throw red balls at some of the figures of the crisis, such as the former Minister of Health Olivier Verand or the former president of the Scientific Council Jean-François Delfracy. “All those people who have come to explain science to me have produced less than me in a month in their entire scientific life. They end up reporting what I do, it leaves me speechless“, he teases. Before cutting.And that’s what guidance is, it’s scary.»

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“600 to 800 people” were saved

Finally, Didier Raul returned to the supposed efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, which he has not stopped promoting since the start of the 2020 health crisis. He explains that he compared “groupsof patients, some of whom were treated with hydroxychloroquine and others not, according to Insee data. Thus, he believes that he and his team saved “600 to 800 people“Of the 30,000 supported between 2020 and 2021.”There are three times fewer deaths (with hydroxychloroquine) in early treatment, and 45% fewer deaths among people hospitalized.“, he confirms.

However, the National Drug Safety Agency recently reminded that hydroxychloroquine is not a treatment for Covid-19. His “use exposes patients to potential adverse effects that may be serious“, he wrote in a press release dated April.

Source: Le Figaro

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