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Football players are at higher risk of dementia

Long-term damage from repetitive head concussions has been studied by professional athletes for over 20 years. Rugby, American football, boxing… Attention naturally turns to these subjects, from which one understands well what violent contacts entail. Soccer, on the other hand, flies more under the radar. And yet. To watch a professional football player split his head during a game, it’s hard to imagine the force his skull takes. “Soccer ball sent from 10 At a distance of 20 meters, when it hits the player, it releases 250 joules of energy, which is equivalent to a punch thrown to the face by a professional boxer weighing more than 100 kg.– summarizes Professor Jean Chazal, a neurosurgeon-anatomist who has been studying head injury for more than 40 years.

If the physical training of these athletes allows them to withstand the blow without collapsing, this happens, however, in some extreme cases (in the case of a strike, if…

Source: Le Figaro

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