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Happy sobriety on New Year’s Eve. What if we offered non-material gifts at Christmas?

Offering more meaning instead of an avalanche of gifts, imagining an eco-friendly menu that tickles the taste buds… What if we shared the holidays differently, calming our consumerist frenzy without giving up the art of joy?

Combining sobriety and end-of-year celebrations… utopia? More than one of us dreams of it, sometimes without admitting it to ourselves. It is possible to reconcile pleasure and minimalism by creating our own lifestyle, says Marie Caru, founder of L’Arrangeuse, an interior ecology consultancy. The concept idea he created. develop new relationships with objects and space so that our daily lives are anchored in desired permanence.

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There is no trending party

“We can celebrate Christmas differently when we realize that objects don’t necessarily make us happy,” she says. Then we can easily give meaning to gifts. For example, make a reasoned list with children, who are extraordinarily wise when we explain ethical issues to them. “Sharing this list with loved ones helps ease everyone’s mental burden and environmental pollution,” she says. Consider offering non-material gifts such as subscriptions, Audible books, or family outings, and wrap gifts in recycled paper from magazines or journals. furoshiki (reusable fabric). Cooking together is also an idea. “Instead of imagining a moment that often ends in screaming matches because everyone is confined to their own universe, it’s a matter of co-constructing real moments of sharing. »

Last year I offered my family a framework to talk to. They loved

Murielle Master, coach

At Coach Muriel Maitre, we’re big party fans; “Last year, I suggested that my family members talk. Everyone was able to take time to report on the past year and the coming year. They loved it. This support professional also appreciates the spirit of Secret Santa; On Boonjy, you share your wish list with your loved ones, you create a kitty to make a dream come true, or you donate it to a charity. Another secret weapon of Murielle Maître. take the time to sort, tidy up, clean up, finish off what’s not there so you can enter 2023 with a clear path. “I like to cook an exceptional dinner without the frills, take time to celebrate the past year and go to bed early to welcome what’s unfolding,” she recalls. Across the Atlantic, the most avant-garde recommend avoiding alcohol to save anxiety (depression is felt after a drunken evening, alcohol leads to a drop in dopamine). So why not try, as a rebel, huh? Dry December ? A glass of alcohol-free organic sparkling wine (the French delicacy Bloom) or a glass of JNPR (pronounced Juniper), based on botanical distillates made in Grasse, will tempt those who prefer to see everything in pink 1.eh January morning. Health! Here are six ideas to spice up our New Year’s Eve.

Bathing in nature

The silence of the countryside, the aromas of the woods… It’s on the menu of the micro-hotel 48° Nord in the ecovillage of Breitenbach in Alsace. Beautiful, practical and durable, the address is perfect for breathing the best of the Vosges. After snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or a session of skiing (with a horse), enjoy a Nordic bath in a private log cabin with a sauna and a view of the valley. Dinner at chef Frederic Metzger’s table – food sourced less than 150km away – and bed for sweet dreams.


Home retreat treatment

Online health treatments are a hit in the United States. Here we launch Pleace (short for ‘place’ and ‘peace’), a 100% digital program overseen by professionals. Emotional questionnaire, work on breathing, heart coherence, hypnosis, in the diary… Real reset brackets without moving from home. A La Pause Pleace Wellbeing Box with a 72-page travel guide and goodies to give away (€80).


Talking circle

Celebrating our small and big victories, taking care of what connects us, loving and being loved by each other… A conversational circle is a way to say what is important to oneself while welcoming what is important to the other. With professional help, it works the magic of the circle that softens everything. With family, on New Year’s Eve or online, with strangers who share our values, let’s dare.

Marcial Bayet, trainer and speaking circuit host. Such. 06 11 60 26 47.

Silent experience

It should be taken into account. Treat yourself to an initiatory silent retreat of three to six days to experience the benefits of silence: calming, liberating and purifying effects, inspiration, unraveling of emotional knots, alignment. We breathe.


E-coaching session

Build 2023 the way you dream by creating your vision board (vision board) online, at your own pace, whenever you want. A beautiful gift at a low price, offer or offer to yourself, alone, with friends and even family. Allow 1h30 to 2 hours for a total of 25 euros.


In the kitchen!

Want to bring together ethics and practice without sacrificing the pleasures of the taste buds? We dive in One pot, pan, planet, By Anna Jones, this bestseller Sunday Times, who shares a greener way to cook for our family and the planet. Peas, lemon in salt, caramelized dates… Oven-baked dal, sweet potato and tamarind glaze… Chocolate cake, olive oil and rosemary… Good, idealism.

One pot, pan, planet, By Anna Jones, Editions La Plage, €35.

Source: Le Figaro

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