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LGBT Pride Day: From “Euphoria” to “Umbrella Academy”, a series dedicated to sexual diversity.

Like every June 28th, this Tuesday is LGTBIQ+ Pride Day. The date we take the opportunity to recommend ten series from different streaming platforms dedicated to a proposal that celebrates sexual diversity.

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“Umbrella Academy”. In connection with the release of the fourth season of this series about superheroes among the actors Elliot Pagewhose trans character is an invitation to tolerance in gender identity.

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“Special”. Consisting of only two seasons, this Netflix comedy tells the story of Ryan (Ryan O’Connell), a gay man who suffers from cerebral palsy and decides to fight for the life he has always dreamed of.

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“Heart plug”. Based on the graphic novel by Alice Osman, this queer teen novel highlights the love story between Nick (Keith Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke), two high school students who have to deal with problems at school and other bigger challenges.

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“Sex Education”. Three seasons was enough for this series, created by Laurie Nunn, to become one of the favorites of Netflix. His teenage world is pulsing with various forms of love and conflict that lead to a complete sexual awakening.

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“Euphoria”. One of the most popular HBO series in recent years. Zendaya and Hunter Schafer lead the cast, the story focuses on the relationship of the characters played by both actresses, one of whom is a transgender woman. Drugs, conflicts, sexual identity and other issues permeate this youth drama.

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“It is a sin”. It’s the 80s and five gay friends decide to move to London (UK). In the midst of these changes, the virus is wreaking havoc on the LGBT population: HIV is becoming a threat.

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“Generation”. A teen comedy produced by the queer Barnes family. We are talking about a group of students who enter an institute in which students of different sexes coincide: gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and others.

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“Love Victor”. The three-season sitcom Hulu airing on Star+ follows a Hispanic teen named Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) who must come to terms with his sexuality.

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“Transparent”. The premise of this Prime Video series is compelling enough to sit down and watch: one day, a family man decides to reveal to his family that he identifies as a woman. Four seasons develop this and other conflicts that explore ideas of gender identity.

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“Visible: On TV”. An Apple TV+ documentary series about the history of the LGBT movement. Through archival material and interviews, he examines homophobia over time, as well as the rise of figures from the collective on television.

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