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These foods that make you hungry instead of filling you up

These foods that make you hungry instead of filling you up

Some foods are natural “appetite suppressants” while others are appetite stimulants.
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Do you feel hungry again only shortly after finishing your meal? Nothing could be more normal, you probably have to choose the wrong foods. Details.

Many foods are said to be natural “appetite suppressants,” such as protein-rich foods that make you feel full. Others, on the contrary, stimulate the appetite and it is better to keep them away from your plate. How can some foods make you hungry instead of full? This is explained especially by their high glycemic index. they quickly increase the level of sugar in the blood, which will then decrease just as quickly. The hunger mechanism that triggers a drop in blood sugar will lead to the traditional feeling of hunger immediately after a meal. Others may also simply lack the most nutritious nutrients and leave you wanting more. A review of False Friends with nutritionist Dr. Corin Cicheportic-Ayache.


You feel less guilty after ordering two trays of sushi than a family-sized pizza. Make no mistake, sushi is mostly made from vinegared white rice, so it has a high glycemic index. For loversInstead, comfort yourself with miso soup and sashimi, which are high in protein and therefore filling.

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Fruit juice

You press your own fruit to get 100% energy juice. Prefer them in slices or compote, because the fiber of the fruit is in the peel and pulp. After straining, all that remains is sugar, which raises blood sugar levels. In addition, you deprive yourself of chewing, which contributes to the satiety process.


Why do we quickly understand peanuts and other cold cuts of meat after drinking a few glasses of alcohol? The reason is simple: drinking reduces glycogen levels (the form sugar takes when stored in the body) and raises blood sugar. Which will then go down and cause a feeling of hunger.

Industrial cereal products

They are often drowning in dairy, and some are guaranteed 0%. But beware. To turn into flakes, grains are brought to a very high temperature and although their nutritional value is not zero, it is consumed. They are also often sweet and buttery due to the chocolate chips they contain. Choose rolled oats or oat bran, which are much higher in fiber. And to add a twist to your breakfast, mix them with coconut milk and a fresh fruit smoothie bowl.


It’s not surprising. they are very often sweetened with sauces and then desserts. If you are initially satisfied with fatty foods, bread and meat proteins, which take longer to eliminate through the stomach, then sugar will quickly stimulate appetite again. Instead, make them “homemade” and combine them with vegetables. Avoid sweet sauces and choose lean proteins like poultry.


Baked, mashed or fried, potatoes have a very high glycemic index (above 70). While it fills you up in the moment, it generally leads to cravings right after a meal.

White bread

Do you eat four slices of white bread every morning? That’s why you can take painkillers or eat chocolate just an hour after your first meal of the day. White bread is made from refined flour, its glycemic index is high. Of course, it is not about drawing the final line on the pole. Substitute only high-fiber breads that will fill you up, such as bran bread, rye bread, or wholemeal bread.

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