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5 Netflix productions to watch recommended Soobin, from TXT

5 Netflix productions to watch recommended Soobin, from TXT

See which series and films are recommended by Soobin, from TXT, that can be found in the Netflix streaming platform catalog

When it comes to films and series, everyone has a favorite title to recommend! This is no different with artists, especially K-pop idols, who, in conversations with fans, always recommend the productions they like most so that their admirers can also get to know them, and thus feel closer to them.

With that in mind, RECREIO put together a list of 5 recommended Netflix productions to watch Soobin, from TXT, in a live broadcast on Vlive (via Koreaboo); look:

1. Parasite

In transmission, Soobin said that he likes to watch productions rated R, that is, not recommended for children under 17, in accordance with United States legislation.

“Most of the things I watch on Netflix are rated R. Because, I’ve said this before, I like the ones with provocative stories, or cruel stories, or people fighting. And most of them are rated R, and I like watching them”, explained the idol when recommending the film “Parasite” by Bong Joon Ho.

Released in 2019, the film, which follows a poor family lying and deceiving in order to infiltrate a wealthy family, won the 2020 Oscar in the categories of “Best Film”, “Best Director”, “Best Original Screenplay” and “Best International Feature Film”.

2. The Good Place

Promotional image for The Good Place / Credit: Reproduction/NBC

Soobin also recommended the series “The Good Place”, which was given a synopsis by the idol: “It’s about life after death. In short, it is about heaven and hell. Therefore, the good place is heaven and the bad place is hell. So people who are in the top few percent, living the good life, can go to the good place. But the bad people who did really bad things and lied to people were found in the good place because of a system error.”

Soon after, the artist also explained what made the series capture him, despite it being long, by revealing that he was surprised by the plot and that, in the end, the production made him learn valuable lessons that he took into his life.

I thought it would just be light observation for me because it was fun. As I progressed through the series, it made me think about life. And it also changed the way I think about my life. So, it was really a turning point in my life. Some people might say this TV series can’t be a turning point in your life, but it made me think a lot.”

3. The 100

From the CW, “The 100” was nominated by Soobin, because “the story itself is very interesting”, in his words. The idol also revealed what fans will find in the series:

It’s about how nuclear war broke out and people could no longer live on Earth. So, people are living on another planet and experiencing an oxygen shortage. So, they have to move a part of the population to another planet. So they’re trying to see if they can get back to Earth. And the people who are going to exploit that are teenagers who are serving time, so juvenile delinquents or teenagers who are innocent but have been kept inside the prison for no other reason than they were just born.”

4. Money Heist

The Spanish heist crime drama television series “Money Heist” was also nominated. On Netflix, the production has the following synopsis: “Eight thieves lock themselves up with hostages in the Spanish Mint. Their leader manipulates the police to carry out a plan. Will it be the biggest robbery in history, or a mission in vain?”.

5. What Happens to Monday

“In a future where only only children are allowed, six twin sisters try to hide from the government while searching for a missing seventh”, this is the synopsis of “What Happen to Monday”, a series launched in 2017 that of everything that Soobin watched it recently, it was the one he liked the most.

Source: Recreio

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