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5 best moments from Jin’s first live after military discharge

5 best moments from Jin’s first live after military discharge

The first live broadcast of Jin, from BTS, took place this Wednesday, 12th, shortly after the idol left the Armed Forces

Jin, from BTS, is finally discharged from the army! The idol returned home last Tuesday night, the 11th, (Wednesday morning, the 12th, South Korean time due to the time difference) after serving 18 months of enlistment.

With this, the oldest member of the group was able to have his first live virtual contact with ARMYs (BTS fans) by broadcasting on the Weverse platform, where he appeared still in uniform to share some information and experiences with the fandom.

With that in mind, RECREIO gathered 5 iconic moments from the idol’s first live after leaving the Armed Forces; check out!

1. Concern about maintaining the reputation of Worldwide Handsome

WhatJin takes the nickname Worldwide Handsome (Worldwide Handsome, in Portuguese), which he gave himself, very seriously, ARMYs already know! However, in the first moments of the live, the idol’s concern with his image was funny and cute when he said that “normally I’m much prettier” after revealing that he cried after being dismissed, and that was why he was “a little swollen”.

He also said that even though he taught his soldiers that they couldn’t cry, he cried twice. “As a soldier, I told other soldiers that they shouldn’t cry, but they cried and they were soldiers I spent a year and a half with… so I cried.”

At another point, he starts talking about the awards he received (the number of which is 7 or 8, as he said), but he soon changes the subject to justify the size of his nails.

Here are my awards for completing my military service. I discarded everything I had there, including my nail clippers, so my nails are a little long, I hope you understand, I’m sorry.”

2. Revelation of popularity in the army

In another moment, Jin He showed several souvenirs he received from soldiers before being discharged and revealed that his popularity was high in the army.

I’m embarrassed to say this, but I was very popular in the army, so the posters/messages were written with tons of words,” said the idol.

3. A cute message from an army buddy

Jin read some messages from battalion colleagues on live. In the first of them, the idol received wishes for happiness and health, with the letter ending with the phrase: “See you on TV”, which Jin he replied good-naturedly: “TV doesn’t work so well lately, so please watch me on YouTube!”

He then read another message, where you can see how pleasant he was as a colleague, as he shared precious moments with the soldiers.

Seokjinnie-Hyung, thanks to you I had many experiences that I will never forget. Thanks. I’m glad we had such good meals and shared great memories. To be able to talk, be scolded together; Living with the superstar I’ve been a fan of since high school was an honor for me.”

To this, he also made the ARMY laugh by saying: “But I wasn’t reprimanded, because I’m an expert!”.

4. Revelation that Jin defended the idea of ​​Meet & Greet during BTS FESTA

This year’s BTS FESTA will feature an in-person event with Jintomorrow, the 13th, where he will hold a Meet & Greet with a thousand selected ARMYs, where fans will be able to choose to greet the idol with a handshake or a light hug, as well as a show, where another 3 thousand lucky winners will be able to join the arena Jamsil at the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul.

However, Jin revealed that the meeting and exchange of greetings almost didn’t happen. “I suggested a hugging event and they said no. So I pitched my idea of ​​doing hugs at an outdoor place where we had a party, but they said people might get hurt. But I kept saying I wanted to do it for about a month, because I wanted to hug those who waited for me.”

After insisting a lot, Jin managed to get BigHit Music to give in, but a new discussion was started to decide the number of fans selected:

So the company was discussing it, and they proposed that instead of a hug, how about inside a closed space where one person at a time could go in, and I tried to argue against it and say I wanted hugs in the open. free. And they also said I should only do 50 since it’s the day after my discharge, but I said no, 3,000 people and they finally agreed to 300, and I said no, as many people as possible! And they said 500 and I said no, more!! And we finally agreed on 1,000 people.”

“The company told me to think about my health, but since you waited for a year and a half, I wanted to hug as many fans as possible,” added the idol. — Too much, right?

5. Thanks to ARMY

Finally, Jin thanked the ARMY, remembering in a fun way the personal meeting he would have with fans to celebrate BTS’s 11th anniversary.

Our ARMYs who waited for me, thank you very much and I love you. On June 13th, I will— OH, IT’S TOMORROW (he said while coughing forcefully), TOMORROW! I will express my feelings to you! See you tomorrow! I love you ARMY! Thanks!”

Source: Recreio

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