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Can you wear makeup and sunscreen at the same time?

Makeup and SPF protection go hand-in-hand, according to these two experts, who give us tips for a safe summer beauty look.

Conceal your small blemishes or highlight your assets with makeup while staying well protected from the sun’s UV rays in the summer, it’s possible. “It’s even recommended,” declares Aurélie Payen, makeup artist and head of makeup for the series. Emily in Paris. “Nowadays we can no longer leave the house without adequate sun protection against UV rays, it’s important,” he insists, recommending “at least an index of 30 in autumn or spring when the sky is a bit cloudy, and an index of 50, definitely, in summer”. Clarins makeup artist Magali Marks confirms: “Those with uneven skin tone or blemishes may want to even out their skin in the summer, and this is entirely possible if you choose the right sunscreen, recommending ‘do it.’ ideally favor liquid textures that hydrate without being too rich and that can be reapplied over makeup without the risk of damaging it.

You can absolutely wear sunscreen while wearing makeup. Even recommended!

Aurélie Payen, makeup artist

Correct method

The secret of a successful result is not only in choosing the right product, but also in the implementation of the process. Directions: “In the morning, after thoroughly cleansing your face, first apply your serum and moisturizer as usual. Once these two substances are absorbed into the skin, apply your sunscreen. Then wait a little, at least 5 minutes, until the skin completely absorbs the substance, – continues Aurélie Payen, – because if we do not respect these successive times of application, the layers will not completely merge with the skin, and the small “fluff”. “, can be formed on its surface. His advice to optimize this step. “Scrub your face with your fingers and hands to work the product into the epidermis. These small moves will speed up the process and lead to better performance over time.”

Our selection of sunscreen products is compatible with makeup

Uniform and well protected shade

Once your skin care and sun protection routine is complete, it’s time to apply your makeup. Here too, according to the rules of art. “Don’t put your foundation directly on your skin,” warns Oreli Payne, “but put a small amount of product in your palm first and warm it between your hands.” After that, you can apply it on your face with your finger or hand. This technique allows the product to melt perfectly into the skin so that the result is as natural as possible and avoids streaks or “fragility,” she explains. However, the method is not necessarily suitable for everyone. “For those with problem skin, I recommend using a small, slightly damp face sponge to provide more coverage.”

Those who prefer to use brushes rather than fingers can opt for Magali Marx’s favorite technique. “For a light and natural finish on the skin that doesn’t need a lot of touch-up, an angled foundation brush is the simplest and most practical solution to distribute the right amount of product and prevent it from flaking,” she suggests.

Protected and compiled over time

One application of SPF protection is not enough to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays throughout the day. “Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen regularly during the day, even when you’re wearing makeup,” reminds the Clarins expert. In fact, the National Cancer Institute and Public Health recommend reapplying sunscreen every two hours while in the sun. “Most people forget to repeat this gesture… But the ideal would be to apply it at least three times a day if you are at the beach or if you plan to stay for a long time on the sunny terrace,” advises Aurélie Payen. , who admits. “If you’re working in an office all day and plan to go outside for a few breaks, you can choose a day cream with SPF or add a foundation with SPF before your foundation. It’s always better than nothing.”

It would be ideal to apply your sunscreen at least three times a day if you are at the beach or if you plan to stay on a sunny terrace for a long time.

Aurélie Payen, makeup artist

Again, the gesture is important. “First, warm the sunscreen between your hands, then apply it to your face using the flat part of your hand. Thus, by not spreading the product, the risk of having inconveniences and changing the make-up becomes less, – assures Magali Marks, who also warns. My technique for measuring the perfect amount is to draw a little smiley face with a circle, a colon and a “smiley”. Finally, don’t forget the neck and décolleté.”

In case the idea of ​​touching your face without washing your hands puts some off, “you can also apply the cream with a foundation sponge that you slip into a small clean bag in your bag. In addition, this method will allow the SPF protection to penetrate more deeply,” adds Aurélie Payen, who also recommends, to a lesser extent, “mists or sun sprays for those in a hurry, even if the application is not optimal.”

Makeup that resists anything

As for the makeup on the rest of the face, it also requires some adjustment to summer temperatures and activities. “Heat, water and sun protection products affect the quality and results of makeup. To avoid ruining it, choose waterproof textures, especially for pencils, eyeshadows and mascara. And if you swim, waterproof or at least water-resistant formulas,” says Magali Marks, before adding: “The lips are a sensitive area where the sun also hits. Therefore, they should also be protected with an SPF balm over the lipstick.”

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Some exceptions

Despite following all these precautions to the letter, in some cases, it is still possible for these mixtures to produce undesirable results. “If the products applied are not compatible with each other and the layers do not completely fuse, the skin can have ‘rejection’ reactions, such as changes in products that specifically form these famous little hairs. It’s best to ask drugstores for samples to test textures and formulas that suit you,” advises Aurélie Payen, adding that “facial sunscreens are quite individual, it’s hard to share them among several people because we We don’t.” everyone has the same skin type.”

Some skin types will also need a personalized doctor’s consultation. “For people with oily or blemish-prone skin, it’s not necessarily a good idea to pile on as it can suffocate the skin and cause redness or small blemishes,” warns Aurélie Payen. In addition to always getting a dermatologist’s advice, “the ideal would always be to wear a hat and stay out of the sun,” concludes Magali Marks.

Source: Le Figaro

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