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5 Disney characters who made their wishes come true

With a lot of work or requests made to stars and geniuses; discover which Disney characters were able to make your wishes come true

Wish fulfillment has always been a recurring theme in Disney animations. So much so, that the animation that celebrates the studio’s one hundred years, ‘Wish: The Power of Wishes’, released on November 22, 2023, brings the subject as the main idea of ​​the film, as it presents the magical kingdom of Rosas, where great desires become possible.

Still, beyond the place where Asha proves that when the will of a brave human connects with the magic of the stars anything can happen, in other universes of animations from the studio founded by Roy It is Walt Disney, great characters also had their wishes fulfilled. With this in mind, RECREIO put together a list of 5 of them; check out!

1. Tiana

In ‘The Princess and the Frog’ (2009), the audience meets Tiana, a young woman who always wanted to make the dream she shares with her father come true: opening a restaurant! In the film, Charlotte’s book of fairy tales said: “If you make a wish on the night star, it will definitely come true”, a recommendation followed by Tiana several times, even though she worked hard for many, many years to achieve what you always wanted.

2. Aladdin

Scene from the animation ‘Aladdin’ (1992) / Credit: Reproduction/Disney

In the case of ‘Aladdin’ (1992), wish fulfillment happened differently. This is because Prince Ali had the chance to have three requests made directly to the genie of the lamp, one of which was to become a member of royalty to win over the girl he fell in love with, that is, the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, princess Jasmine.

3. Cinderella

In 1950, ‘Cinderella’ was released to introduce the princess who, despite having a difficult routine after losing her father, never stopped dreaming of better days.

It is in the story of the girl who wears the glass slipper that the belief is presented that, if you tell someone your wish, it will not come true! Still, it is possible to discover that Cinderella’s dream is fulfilled, as, in the end, she finds her ‘happily ever after’ with Prince Charming.

4. Pinocchio

“First star I see, first star I see, do what I wish” it is with these words that Geppetto makes the wish that would change his life forever, since it was through this request that the wooden doll Pinocchio came to life with the help of the Blue Fairy.

But, in addition to Geppetto, Pinocchio himself had his wish granted. This is because he dreamed of becoming a real boy and, after showing his worth, the request was fulfilled.

It is also in this film that the song ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ written by Leigh Harline It is Ned Washington, bringing the first Oscar in the Best Original Song category to the studio. The track became a landmark in Disney’s history, also being used as a signature in the openings of most of the label’s films.

5. Snow White

snow White
Scene from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” /Credit: Reproduction/ Disney

Of course, in Disney’s first animated feature film, wishes would also be present! In ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ (1937), the princess appears in front of the iconic wishing well singing what she dreams of most: true love!

Source: Recreio

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