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First images of season 2 precede tragedy; see which one!

Find out what is the game’s emblematic moment that the previews of season 2 ‘The Last of Us’ precede for the next episodes of the series

This Wednesday, the 15th, the first official images of the second season of ‘The Last of Us‘ were revealed, where Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) has its visuals for the second year of the plot revealed; check out!

It is worth remembering that ‘The Last of Us’ is an adaptation of the game franchise of the same name. The first season portrays the events of the first game, released in 2013 by Naughty Dog, for PlayStation, where Joel and Ellie’s journey of survival together begins twenty years after a mutation of a fungus called Cordyceps almost extinguished human life.

Thus, in the first nine episodes of the series, it is revealed that Joel is on a mission to get Ellie out of the quarantine zone safely, as she is the only human who has been exposed to the zombie parasite (Codyceps) who has not lost consciousness. your body, thus being an important key to developing a cure for the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the second year of “The Last of Us should” adapt a part of “The Last of Us Part II”, a 2020 game that ends the duo’s journey. In the game, the plot is set five years after the events of the first game and follows Ellie in search of revenge after experiencing a great trauma, as well as Abby, one of the main antagonists of the story.

Therefore, with the appearance of the first previews of the new season of the series, fans of the game have already been able to identify that a tragedy from the second game in the franchise will happen in the next episodes, even though the events of “The Last of Us Part II” are planned to be explored in more than one season.


What is the tragedy?

At the end of ‘The Last of Us’, Joel ends up preventing Ellie from being dissected by the Fireflies at St. Mary’s hospital, and escapes with the girl to the community of Jackson without revealing the truth of this fateful day to her.

Thus, in “The Last of Us Part II”, Ellie and Joel end up settling in the community of Jackson, where Joel’s brother, Tommy, already lived. There, they spend many years together, and Joel develops an even stronger relationship with Ellie, taking her on expeditions to eliminate infected people and teaching her valuable things—how to play the guitar, for example.

Still, the mystery behind the truth related to Ellie’s escape from the hospital where Ellie would contribute to the development of a cure for the fungus mutation always bothered the girl, who tried to get answers in several conversations with Joel, but he always deviated from the real reason. .

As a result, Ellie once decided to flee to St. Mary’s hospital to find out the truth. Upon discovering the escape, Joel tries to prevent the girl from reaching the location, but it is too late. She ends up coming across the information that the man lied for several years and, as a result, decides that she no longer wants to have any contact with Joel, even if they return to Jackson.

Despite Joel’s insistence on rekindling the good relationship they had, Ellie always avoided him, culminating in the photos revealed today, the 15th, for the second season of the series, where, in March 2038, at the community’s winter ball, Joel saw Seth insult Ellie and Dina for kissing on the dance floor, and confronts him in defense of the girls.

Joel at the community winter ball / Credit: Reproduction/ Naughty Dog

However, even though the man’s attitude was taken to defend them, Ellie does not accept Joel’s compassion and reprimands him, causing him to leave the party even more hurt by the breakup of his relationship with the girl.

As complicated as it was, later that same night, Ellie and Joel spoke again, where he again admits the actions he took to save the girl’s life and, as much as she didn’t agree with having been spared instead After having his life handed over to science for the sake of saving humanity, the two made peace — what they didn’t know was that the chat would not be a fresh start, but rather, a closure for the duo.

The next day, Joel and Tommy went on an expedition to eliminate infected people, but ended up surprised in an ambush by Abby, leader of a militia and former Vagalume, who sought revenge for the death of her father, Derek Phillips, the surgeon who was going to perform the operation to remove the mutation from Ellie’s brain, but was murdered by Joel during the girl’s rescue.

Consequently, the previews for the second year of the series precede the death of Joel, murdered in cold blood by Abby the day after being forgiven by Ellie, who ends up witnessing the entire torture scene.

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