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Video of SEVENTEEN albums on the streets of Japan goes viral and fans react; look!

In recent days, videos of SEVENTEEN’s latest album on the streets of Japan have generated great repercussions on social media. Understand!

On April 29, the boy group SEVENTEEN made another comeback with the release of the album “17 IS RIGHT HERE”, which in addition to the 12 tracks contained on the album, was accompanied by an MV for the title-track “MAESTRO”. Remember!

About a day after the release, several social media posts began to emerge showing dozens of the group’s albums discarded like trash on the streets of Japan.

This happens because fans see purchasing albums as an opportunity to participate in a fansign or fan meeting with the idols, as the draws for these events take place using album codes. Furthermore, there are also those who see it as an opportunity to buy photocards in bulk, which are nothing more than small cards with photos of the artists.

Still, the action was seen as an act of disrespect for SEVENTEEN’s work by several Carats (fans of the group), who expressed indignation at the feat through tweets on X (formerly Twitter), condemning those who discarded the records.

Another user wrote: “a friend of mine sent me these photos of #seventeen albums thrown in the street and I was simply shocked!! Shame on whoever did this, it’s like they weren’t showing respect.”

“If I were a member of SEVENTEEN, I would never want to see this; it is disheartening not only for the artists but also for the loyal fans who cannot afford any or just one album, a disrespect to the highest levels by the so-called fans” , added a third internet user.

Additionally, some took advantage of the situation to criticize the K-pop album sales system. “The entertainment industry needs some changes. This mass purchase for Meet is a waste for sure,” the tweet reads.

The album, consisting of the tracks, “MAESTRO”, “LALALI”, “Spell”, “Cheers to Youth”, “CALL CALL CALL (korean ver.)”, “Happy Ending (korean ver.)”, “Fallin’ Flower (korean ver.)”, “24H (korean ver.)”, “NOT ALONE (korean ver.)”, “Power of Love (korean ver.)”, “DREAM (korean ver.)”, “Ima – Even if the world ends tomorrow (Korean ver.)”, is available on the main music streaming platforms.

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