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Carmignac Foundation summer exhibition, Martin Provost’s new book, Pina Bausch’s latest play… Our 5 cultural must-sees

Carmignac Foundation summer exhibition, Martin Provost’s new book, Pina Bausch’s latest play… Our 5 cultural must-sees

Exhibitions, theater, books… Every two weeks, Madame Figaro delivers its cultural selection.

The infinite womanactivist exhibition at the Carmignac Foundation

after the inner island Last year, the Carmignac Foundation on the island of Porquerolles offered a new exhibition, The infinite woman. Drawing from original myths to the most contemporary representations of the female body, its curator, Alona Pardo, offers a narrative of artists who break gender boundaries, challenge social norms, and challenge Western traditions of beauty and strength. Exodus, the patriarchal view of women that shows them as promiscuous, fatal, caring, diabolical, sacred, grotesque… The exhibition, highlighted by chapters (myths and monsters, guilty pleasures, (dis)obedient bodies, metamorphoses…) highlights their liberation. power, the appropriation of their desire. The menu features works from Sandro Botticelli to Judy Chicago, including Lee Bull, Marie Beth Edelson, Martin Gutierrez, Billy Zangeva and Louise Bourgeois.

Infinite womann, April 27 to November 3, 2024,

Pina Bausch at the timeless Tâtre de la Ville

Sweet Mambo! By Pina Bausch
Oliver Look/Théâtre de la Ville/SP

It was created in 2008, Sweet Mambo! It is the last performance of Pina Bausch (1940-2009) at the Theater de la Ville. The Tanztheatre Wuppertal, now directed by Boris Charmats, takes over this show, continuing the love story that Theater de la Ville has with the German choreographer. The seven deadly sins. For thirty years, he has tirelessly depicted male-female relationships: temptation, disappointment, disappointment, redemption… Sweet Mambo, Pina Bausch offers a half-comic, half-tragic philosophical treatise on the obsessive search for happiness. Between sweetness, fragility and laughter, she clearly shows our loneliness and our need for others.

Pina Bausch, Sweet Mambo, until April 7, 2024,

On blue summer evenings I will go to the forest, Martin Provost’s new book

On blue summer evenings I will go to the forest By Martin Provost
Guy Vivien/SP

When a grown man begins to search his past, images of his childhood homes often appear. “On blue summer evenings I will go to the forest”, this story is told by the magnificent title, which deviates from a poem by Rimbaud. Discovering freedom in a huge mansion in Cruz as a child. Abandoning boredom in a villa overlooking the sea in Le Conquet as a teenager, the joy of finally finding your Thebaid in one of the Vexin villages. But he also tells of discovering cinema while watching it in a theater on Siam Street in Brest. Screams and whispers By Bergman. The withdrawal of parents into silence and distance after the tragic death of the eldest son. From Martin Provost, the sensitive director, we know eight films, including Seraph (2008) awarded 7 Cesars, Midwife (2017) or latest Bonnard, Pierre and Marthe (2024). This modest boy has another thread: literature. With this new book of incandescent beauty that can be read in one go and will bring as many tears as laughter, Martin Provost moves at speed and enters the very closed circle of true writers.

On blue summer evenings I will go to the forestMartin Provost, 176 p, €19, editionsphé

The reunification of the two Koreas at the Porte Saint Martin Theatre

The reunification of the two Koreas By Joel Pommerat
Agathe Pommerat

The reunification of the two Koreas, a kind of metaphor for the impossibility of love, is a kaleidoscope revealing 20 specific situations… Human relationship misunderstandings, obsession, absence, bargaining, breakup… Everything is broken up with humor and gravity. This exclusive show was created in 2013 at Ateliers Berthier in a double-fronted space. The device was reworked by author Joel Pommerat and director Eric Sawyer, this time to give a frontal version. “I have always supported the idea of ​​repertoire in my company (Louis Brouillard Editor’s Note) to make shows last over time. We usually say that this shows that the tours are no longer dormant. You must take advantage of your awakening.

The reunification of the two KoreasJoël Pommerat, until July 14,

don juan a classic revisited at the Odeon

don juan directed by Macha Makayev
TNP/SP/Juliette Parisot

How to stage Dom Juan 2024 The question arises for this theatrical figure, serial predator and/or aggressive hero in the Metoo revolution. Director Macha Makaef, who founded his company in 2022 young lady set in Aix-en-Provence, Moliere’s play moves from the highly religious 17th century to the free 18th century, the age of Laclau and Sade. He plays in the depths of time. Enjoying society in the 18th century, Dom Juan is fascinated by his dark side in the 20th century, Dom Juan targets the attacks of women who denounce his lies and manipulations in the 21st. All with its sense of comedy and in the audience, disintegrating laughter.

don juan Directed by Macha Makaief, 23 April to 19 May 2024,

Source: Le Figaro

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