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Is Meghan and Harry’s fiery kiss in Miami a carbon copy of Diana and Charles’ kiss in 1985?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a polo match in Miami. (Florida, April 12, 2024).

To congratulate him on his victory, Meghan Markle gave her husband a passionate kiss during a charity polo match. A scene reminiscent of Lady Diana’s kiss to Charles III at the same pageant in 1985.

They kiss passionately; he, worn but happy after his exertions on the field, he, in a white dress, holding his trophy. This Friday, April 12, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry caused a sensation during a charity polo match organized in Miami. The son of Charles III played his traditional tournament at the National Polo Center in Wellington, Florida, where he emerged victorious with his team, Royal Salute Sentebale. Followed by Netflix cameras as part of an upcoming documentary, the pair then put themselves in their best light, going so far as to share a passionate kiss on the podium to celebrate the win.

A rare moment of tenderness

An image reminiscent of another taken at a polo match in Windsor in 1985. Thirty-nine years ago, it was Lady Diana and Charles III, then Prince of Wales, who kissed on camera after the latter’s victory. A rare moment of tenderness that captivated all the audience present at the event. So even though they’ve been away from the monarchy for a few years now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to have deliberately recreated this famous kiss, giving royal fans a nice sense of déjà vu.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana in Windsor in 1985.
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Moreover, while his father was wearing white, green and red at the time, his son was dressed in a blue polo shirt this Friday, April 12. His kit was emblazoned with the name of his Royal Salute Sentebale team. Meghan Markle wore a summer silk dress with gold jewelry and thick sunglasses.

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