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At the start of the year, new watchmaking releases explore new territories

Code 11.59 rose gold watch, Audemars-Piguet
Arthur Deloitte for Madame Figaro

A game of colors, materials, shapes and textures of watches. watchmakers have decided to impress us this season. Now is not the time for monotony, on the contrary.

Watch companies abandon classicism and lead us to discover new territories. They play especially on form with watches that stand out for their infinite geometry. Round watches, of course, remain in the race, but dare to show unusual faces. One thing is for sure, watchmaking is not boring this year, and thanks to that, neither are we.

Long live the forms!

Although it is not new, the shaped watch seems to play an increasingly important role in the watchmaking industry. While the rectangle was established in the March LA.B, the barrel outline continues in the Richard Mille, and the pear remains the iconic size of the Chaumet house. Therefore, watchmakers dedicate themselves to geometry with desire and imagination. They play with the curves of the cases to imagine watches with complex designs recognizable at first glance, as exemplified by Audemars Piguet’s iconic Royal Oak. Form as a way to give character to the model, to form a real identity for him, greater freedom to interpret it in a thousand and one ways thanks to colors and materials.

The collection in all its forms

The watch face, dial is a fantastic field of expression. It will emphasize a complication such as a tourbillon or a moon phase, or even give original importance to a power reserve indicator, as in Longines. It seems that hard stones are also popular this year. It’s adventure that comes at Louis Vuitton, while malachite finds its place in Dior’s latest creation. As for Omega, he seems to have decided to take us to another sky with a model of a meteorite. This is how the set acquires texture, embellished with patterns and vibrant colors to tell wonderful stories.

Collect them in all states

Source: Le Figaro

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