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Karen Ann. “I always look for light, even when I talk about tragic things”

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VIDEO:- He is an artist with many hats: author, composer, performer, director and guitarist. He spoke on The Conversation with Deputy Director Joseph Ghosn Madame Figaro.

“Being an artist is my survival, music, writing, creativity… I deeply love my work.” At the end of February, on the set of the show “Conversations”, Karen Ann immediately emphasizes the passion that constantly drives her. At the same time revealing that she constantly questions herself, as an artist but also as a mother; “There is also the ‘I’ who is a mother, very spontaneous and strong.” I like to live with my daughter, her school, everyday life…”.

The interview was conducted by Joseph Gossin, the translator My name is troubled looks back especially on his childhood. Karen Ann, who was aware of music from a very young age, remembers. “We had a room dedicated to listening to music, if we put on vinyl it was for listening, not for reading a book.” An environment that led him to this busy life as an artist. The bilingual artist also says that she has been interested in psychoanalysis for a long time. A practice that helps him explore inherited memory, “when you come from a family where there’s stuff about the Shoah on both sides,” he explains. But when it comes to creativity, the artist insists. “I always look for light, even when I talk about tragic things.”

Source: Le Figaro

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