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Three destinations to experience something different on a long weekend

Nine Orchard in New York, Six Senses in Rome, The Cadogan in London… Here are three urban and trendy addresses to escape and breathe.

New York at Nine Orchard

This member of the world’s leading hotels is located on the outskirts of Chinatown in a historic former bank building on the Lower East Side. We forget the neighborhood clichés to stay here like a local who comes to find inspiration outside the weather. Mahogany wood, custom pieces and furniture found in travel mode, impressive ceiling and moldings in the restaurant, the mix of genres is mastered perfectly between the walls. whole, busy patterned wallpaper and fabrics and thick olive green velvet curtains.

The craftsmen and historians who worked on the transformation of this building ensured that every detail was respected: the windows, the stairs, the marble walls reminiscent of the walls of Grand Central… something mesmerizing when lit from your bathroom at the end of the day. Rooms with high ceilings give an impression of space thanks to the inspired interior architecture fifties, comfortable, but without extras. It’s elegant without being over the top.

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Majority : a service that is neither standardized nor fancy, but always attentive and very efficient. The soundtrack, usually in New York, is available in four programs by Devon Turnbull and DJ Stretch Armstrong.

Unavoidable : bar worthy of a David Hockney painting to sip a good Manhattan before a nearby Broadway show.

From €504 per night. nineorchard.com

Rome with the six senses

Ideally located on Via del Corso, minutes from the Pantheon and the Forum, this ultra-modern 5-star hotel occupies the Palazzo Salviati. Committed to expertise health of a hotel chain, it acts as an oasis in the midst of the turmoil. With a beautifully planted indoor and outdoor dining area that promotes balanced local cuisine and very quick recipes based on ultra-fresh produce. The rooms (perfectly soundproofed) have a minimalist design. As for the spa, it revives the ritual of the Roman baths with several pools.

Unavoidable. rooftop offering one of the most beautiful rooftop views in the city. A place now known by the Romans as a fountain.

From 1100 euros per night. sixsenses.com

Relaxing in Rome on the roof of Six Senses, Palazzo Salviati.
Photo: SP

London at The Cadogan

An icon of the Knightsbridge district, a stone’s throw from Harrods and Harvey Nichols, this 5-star hotel, more than a century old, is famous for hosting Oscar Wilde. Its gorgeous so british (architecture with large openings, dusty tones, velvet, etc.) gives it the appearance of an aristocratic institution at the time. tea time Everything is refined and luxurious, and the rooms are bright.

One address, two people : Tired of the genteel neighborhood of Knightsbridge? The opposite door opens onto the trendy streets of Chelsea.

Unavoidable : The Sunday roast, hearty and served as tradition demands.

From 991 euros per night. belmond.com:

So chic, tea time inside the walls of The Catogan in London.
Photo: SP

Source: Le Figaro

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