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After rumors, SM Entertainment gives update on SHINee’s contracts

SM agency broke its silence and revealed details about negotiations with SHINee and their exclusive contracts as soloists; look!

It is known that SM Entertainment’s exclusive contracts with Taemin It is Onew, from the group SHINee, will end soon. On March 5, News1 reported that the Taemin expires at the end of this month and, when that happens, the idol intends to continue his activities as a soloist through a new agency.

Additionally, YTN reported that the leader Onew will do the same. However, the two will continue with SM Entertainment for SHINee group activities. The information is from the Soompi website.

Following the repercussion of the rumors, SM shared a statement about the group’s contracts and its members as soloists.

SHINee’s activities will continue under SM Entertainment without changes, and contracts for individual activities will be decided according to each member’s wishes.

We are positively discussing with Minho and Key not only about group activities, but also about individual activities, and Onew is exploring several options. Our exclusive contract with Taemin expires in March.

Taemin’s next course of action after the end of his contract has not yet been confirmed and we hear that he is considering several options,” SM Entertainment revealed in an official statement.

It is worth noting that SHINee was formed in 2008, through the agency SM Entertainment. Currently, the group has 4 members: Onew, Key, Minho It is Taemin. Their last comeback was held in June 2023, with the seventh full-album repackage “HARD”. Listen!

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