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Who is the first generation idol who will be the producer of NCT’s new unit?

Find out who the first generation K-pop idol is responsible for producing the debut of NCT’s new unit: NCT WISH!

NCT’s new unit, NCT WISHwill feature a first-generation K-pop idol as producer: Good. The revelation was made by SM Entertainment through a statement, which reveals that the soloist will be behind all the details of the group’s debut single, “WISH”, supervising everything from the musical part to the performances.

Who is BoA?

BoA in teaser image for “Forgive Me” / Credit: Disclosure/SM Entertainment

Born on November 5, 1986 in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Good, is one of the leading soloists in the South Korean music industry. Nicknamed the “Queen of K-pop”, the artist’s debut was made with the release of the album “ID; Peace B”, on August 25, 2000, months before his 14th birthday.

The idol became one of the biggest artists in Asia and a pioneer in several aspects related to South Korean pop music, in addition to being considered one of the leaders of Hallyu — the Korean wave responsible for taking South Korean culture to the rest of the world. —, due to its influence around the globe.

This is because, the list of achievements Good includes expanding her reach beyond the borders of her home country, as she became the first Korean artist to enter the US Billboard’s main album chart, the Billboard 200, and also, the first Korean singer to reach number one place on Oricon, in Japan, and selling more than 1 million copies.

please note that Good has already collaborated with the American singer and rapper Akon with the song “Beautiful”. In addition, she, who is a dancer, composer, music producer, musical director, has also worked as an actress, having starred in the film “Make Your Move 3D”.

Still, the artist’s career goes beyond solo projects, as she is also part of the project Girls on Top, a female group from SM Entertainment, which brings together all of the company’s female idols, and the unit GOT the Beat, where she performs alongside in Taeyeon It is Hyoyeon by Girls’ Generation, Seulgi It is Wendy by Red Velvet, and Karina It is Winter from aespa.

More about NCT WISH

NCT WISH was formed through the reality show “NCT Universe: LASTART”, which Good served as co-mentor. At the end of the program, the group was formed with seven members, but, after the departure of Jungmin Due to health reasons, NCT WISH will debut on February 21st with only six members. Are they: Zion, Yushi, Riku, Sakuya, Daeyoung It is Ryo.

That way, Good has been involved with the group since the beginning, and is now behind the overall production of the group’s debut album, as well as NCT WISH’s other activities in the future.

Furthermore, as this will be NCT’s Japanese unit, it is expected that the influence of Good in the Japanese market, help the group to take off.

Source: Recreio

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