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Sophie Lacoste, Fusalp co-chair. “Our mother told us we were extraordinary, I don’t think it ‘breaks’ children”

Ten years after buying the Fusalp brand and increasing its turnover tenfold, the entrepreneur received the “Bold Woman” award from Veuve Clicquot.

Madame Figaro: Wake up for an hour ?
Sophie Lacoste: 6 hours to be with my early rising children.

The height of your position ?
I am the co-chairman of Fusalp, which means having a vision, carrying it and giving it a living.

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Results must be given here and now ?
Around 60 million turnover (compared to 6.2 million at the time of recovery in 2013), including 40% from exports, and the majority from urban clothing. The group has 250 employees and 64 stores worldwide.

If we go back to the roots ?
Extraordinary grandparents, two great champions, one of golf, the other of tennis (René Lacoste, founder of the eponymous brand, Editor’s Note) A real understanding of what it means to “behave well”, very strong ethics and a sense of duty.

The school that started it all ?
At the age of 18, wanting to understand how the world – capitalism – worked, quite simply, I joined the Dauphin and then worked at JP Morgan for a short year before quitting to pursue theatre, my true passion. After ERACM (Regional School of Actors in Cannes and Marseille) I became an actress and then I was associated with the Théâtre Bernardins in Marseille for ten years, sitting on the board of directors of Lacoste.

I am the co-chairman of Fusalp, which means having a vision, carrying it and providing a means of existence.

Sophie Lacoste

Who trusted you? ?
My grandfather, who allowed me to choose this path before he died. He was right. then I was ready to do more with the family business. And our mother who told us we were extraordinary. I don’t think it’s “bad” kids, it just makes them capable. I never thought I couldn’t do something.

Travel Accelerator ?
The meeting with the former owner of Fusalp. After the sale of Lacoste, of which I was president for a year, in 2012, we were looking for a new project that would grow as a family with my brother Philippe and my sister Matilda, our artistic director. He said to himself. “Even if it means transferring to a company, we can do it now and them.” »

Obstacles ?
Covid, obviously. And maybe the feeling of an impostor? You don’t have to come from a family like mine to feel that, it’s a very gendered thing. At least two of the four finalists for the Courageous Woman Award, who have nothing to prove to anyone, have expressed their difficulty getting out of it. It is the work of a lifetime. we have to admit that it is there, come back to anger us from time to time, leave it in its place and encourage it.

I never thought I couldn’t do something

Sophie Lacoste

What challenges for tomorrow? ?
The real challenges of geographical conquest opened up in the United States in 2023, but also in relation to adaptation; how to start with what we have today? We also need to think better about collections, do less, release a theme. Removing collections twice a year goes against the sustainability of the clothes.

What would you like to convey? ?
I was born into business and I love the idea. I talk a lot with my children (12 and 15 years old) about what I do, my fluctuations. I would love to work with them.

When are you offline? ?
In the theater, two or even three times a week. It is a break in temporality.

Removing collections twice a year goes against the sustainability of the clothes.

Sophie Lacoste

Off for a moment ?
I do two yoga classes (vinyasa and yin) on Sundays, including one with my husband. We come out free of all tension.

An incredible thought that sets you free ?
The idea of ​​making big changes in life.

A weekend getaway ?
The mountain has an unmatched time/efficiency ratio in terms of recreation.

Source: Le Figaro

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