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Rainier III wanted his daughter Caroline to ascend the throne of Monaco, not Albert

Journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lomm publish an investigation into the Monegasque princely family in the newspaper. THE: world which is particularly revealing of Rainier III’s reluctance to see his son Albert in charge of the Rock.

The famous duo of journalists, Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lohm, signed a new investigation world. After the Betancourts, Nicolas Sarkozy or Francois Hollande, this time we are talking about the royal family of Monaco. And if the first part of this investigation is to be believed, Rainier III once considered replacing Crown Prince Albert II with… his older sister, Princess Caroline. Father and son had a “difficult relationship”, the heir was for a long time considered “the despised of the clan, the forty-year-old man losing his means before his father’s eyes”. Rainier III, judging that he was “not old enough” to succeed him, would consider abdicating the throne to Princess Caroline. The information was confirmed by: world Deposed June 6, 2023 by Claude Palmero, former manager of Albert II’s estate, and lawyer Thierry Lacoste, also in disgrace.

The sovereign who died in 2005 on April 6, should have asked for a legal opinion on the subject. This is evidenced by the letter dated December 10, 2001, signed by Patrice Davost, then director of Monaco’s judicial services. With this message, Rainier III would like to ensure that Princess Caroline succeeds him so that one day he can pass the torch to his eldest son, Andrea Casiraghi. Is related The worldPatrice Davost confirmed that she had “conducted a discreet investigation into whether Andrea could inherit the throne”. What happened next? The mystery remains unsolved because it was indeed Albert II who ascended the throne of Monegasque after the death of Rainier III.

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Five Notebooks of Secrets

To carry out this investigation into the Grimaldi clan, Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lohm were able to rely on the findings of Claude Palmero, the former manager of Albert II’s estate. The former adviser, dismissed on June 6, 2023, has been accused of corruption and taking illegal benefits since his dismissal. He denies. “I never took a cent,” he replies in the columns world. This is 100% denial. I am neither corrupt nor a thief.”

Claude Palmero, who wants to “restore his honor”, filed a complaint against the members of the prince’s family at the end of November 2023. From the decades he spent at the palace in Monaco, he kept five notebooks with scathing content. They contain the smallest details of Claude Palmero’s actions, but also Albert II’s responses to his requests. They also reveal feuds between some of the Grimaldis, alleged excessive spending by the Monaco princesses and alleged secret payments made to Albert II’s illegitimate children, Jasmine Grace and Alexandre, and his former mistress.

Source: Le Figaro

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