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Will Legacy’ feature Batman? James Gunn reveals

Filmmaker James Gunn revealed whether or not Batman will appear in the new Superman film, which opens in theaters in 2025!

The new Superman film, titled ‘Superman: Legacy’, is only scheduled to be released in July 2025. With the lack of news about the film, fans went in search of new information, and asked james gunndirector, screenwriter and producer of the film, whether Batman will appear on the big screen as a cameo.

The answer was clear and objective: Batman will not appear in ‘Superman: Legacy’, because he is not even in the script.

“Well, he can’t appear because it’s not in the script,” Gunn responded via Threads (via ScreenRant)

‘Superman: Legacy’ will have David Corenswet in the title role, Rachel Brosnahan like Lois Lane, Skyler Gisondo like Jimmy Olsen, Nicholas Hoult like Lex Luthor, Isabella Merced like Hawkgirl and more. The cast should start recording in March, in the Atlanta region, USA.

As revealed by Gunn previously, ‘Superman: Legacy’ will show Clark Kent at the beginning of his “career” as a superhero, trying to establish himself in a world that already has several heroes. It is worth noting that the film will be the first in the new DCU universe.

Even though Batman does not appear in ‘Superman: Legacy’, the Dark Knight is expected to appear in ‘The Brave and the Bold’, based on comics that have the same name. The film is among those that should be released after the release of the Man of Steel film.

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