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Our latest gift ideas for design lovers

Offering or treating yourself to a useful item signed by the designer is a guarantee of treating yourself and investing in a piece that will stand the test of time. And it’s not always “too” expensive, contrary to popular belief. Proof with this selection of 10 pieces.

Temple des Mousses candle designed by Cristina Celestino for Diptyque

Refillable candle signed by Cristina Celestino for Diptyque. Diptych

It is the star of interior design and architecture. Cristina Celestino, whose studio is based in Milan, has designed exceptional projects such as Sergio Rossi’s flagship in Milan, the majestic Palazzo Avino Hotel on the Amalfi Coast, as well as delicate and poetic objects with her company Attico Design. The Ravello chair is decorated. leather, Florilegio glass vase with organic lines… He designed a refillable candle for Diptyque in a striking oval silhouette in pressed glass. A little enduring and timeless gem, offered in winter with a fragrance inspired by the moss temple near Kyoto, whose garden is home to 120 rare moss essences.

270 g, rechargeable, 220 euros diptyqueparis.com:

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Philippe Mulvain’s Bilboquet lamp in Floss

A beautiful and playful lamp by Philippe Malouin at Flos. Floss

A graduate of the Eindhoven Design Academy, ENSCI – Les Ateliers Paris and the University of Montreal, London-based British-Canadian Philippe Malouin established his studio in 2008 and recently received a magazine designer of the year award. Wall paper. He designed the Bilboquet lamp for Flos, whose magnetic sphere, which connects the head to the body, allows to direct the lighting. Practical, fun, beautiful, available in three colors (grey, linen and tomato), the lamp is definitely destined to be an icon.

280 €, on flos.com:

Luca Nichetto candlestick for Ginori 1735

When Luca Nichetto pays tribute to Catherine de’ Medici in Ginori. Jinori 1735

The famous Italian porcelain factory Ginori 1735 cooperates with Luca Nichetto. The brilliant, all-round designer can work on a variety of furniture projects as well as object collections for Land Rover as well as Cassina, De Padova and Molteni. For Ginori, it pays homage to Catherine de’ Medici’s entourage. A favorite for the Il Seguace candle holder (the student) from which emerges a man’s face, the symbol of the company. Available in a variety of colors depicting different fragrances, it’s a sturdy piece that’s both utilitarian and decorative.

€290 each ginori1735.com

Coat hooks by Henrik Ødegaard for Petite Friture

For Petite Friture, Henrik Odegaard imagined hooks that look like sculptures. Little Fritter

A coat hook is an often overlooked item by designers. Fortunately, the publisher Petite Friture has started the thread. He entrusted Norwegian designer and architect Henrik Ødegaard, founder of the Grig Arkitekter architecture and design office, Pyton design collective, which has become an artistic platform, with the mission of revising this practical accessory. As a result, the talented designer has designed Portuguese-made faux ceramic hooks that are both functional and sculptural. Real little works, the shape of which changes depending on the colors.

€175 for two hooks petite friture.com

Constance Guisset’s small centerpiece for mustaches

A flexing axis designed by Constance Guisset for mustaches. Mustache

Thanks to Mustache Publishing, we can put Constance Guisset at the center of the table. An extraordinary person, Constance Giset joined ENSCI – Les Ateliers after studying at Essec and Sciences Po. In 2008, he received the Grand Prize for Creation from the City of Paris, the Public Prize at the Villa Noël Design Parade, and two Program Assistantships. VIA. He founded his studio in 2009 and was named Designer of the Year at Salon Maison & Objet in 2010. A great journey that has taken in Tectona, Nature & Découvertes, Molteni… His Vertigo lamp published by Petite Friture has become a true best. -seller and joined the collections of the National Center for Plastic Arts. Her small Canova ceramic centerpiece is an object with ostensibly flexible lines that is displayed as a work of art, but can also hold fruit.

€60 for the smaller model moustache.fr: .

The Bombance casserole dish by Inga Sempe for Revol

A truly beautiful dish designed and engineered by Inga Sempe for the Revol factory. Revolution

We love the candor of Inga Sempe, designer, former resident of the Villa Médicis in Rome, winner of the 2002 Paris Grand Prix Creation Award and Stockholm Designer of the Year 2012, when porcelain manufacturer Revol contacted her for a collaboration, her the first diagnosis was that the existing range of Revol pots did not excite him at all. Therefore, he created his own model, the Bombance, which transitioned from stove to table for practicality and sharing. Every detail is designed to be beautiful and useful; from the handles to the pool on the lid to the inside edges, everything helps to guarantee perfect cooking and serving without sacrificing aesthetics.

€219 for the large 26cm model revolve1768.com .

Electric kettle by Michele De Lucchi for Alessi

Maestro Michele De Lucchi dressed small household appliances for Alessi in the spirit of haute couture. Alessi

It’s a classic, but we never get tired of it. Designed by Michele De Lucchi for Alessi, the Plissé electric kettle, a true icon, hasn’t aged a bit. Italian designer and architect, member of the Memphis group, a key figure in Italian creativity, in particular a professor at the Faculty of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan and an academician at the Accademia San Luca in Rome, who collaborated with the largest Italian and European brands created this object in 2018, drawing the codes of haute couture. To be complemented by its legendary Pulcina coffee maker with its mesmerizing line, also from Alessi.

170 cl, on €99 alessi.com: .

Kazuko Tribe by Ionna Vautrin for Cinna x Atelier Emmaüs

Imagining sustainable products that support solidarity actions is also the role of designers, as proved by Ionna Vautrin, who imagined fun figurines for Cinna x Atelier Emmaüs. Cinna x Atelier Emmaüs

The TGV lamp, the 2022 Paris Marathon medal or even the Pion tables… it’s him. Designer Ionna Vautrin, who graduated from the Nantes Atlantique School of Design and the Paris Grand Prix, created her studio in 2011, where she develops a penchant for lightness and playfulness. For Cinna x Atelier Emmaüs, he designed a group of Kazuko, small spirits made from reclaimed pine by reintegrated artisans. Available in three sizes and three colors, these figurines can be decorative but also serve as paperweights or bookends.

€99 from December 10, 2023 in Cinna stores. Cinna.fr: .

The Memento JH41 vase by Jaime Hayon for & Tradition

The magnificent Memento vase, designed by Spanish design star Jaime Hayon for &Tradition, is a must-have. madeindesign:

Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Magis, Baccarat… The biggest brands acquire Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon. Founded in 2001, his studio has two branches in Barcelona and Treviso, which showcase his slightly baroque, generous and cheerful style, which has earned him the nickname “The Almodovar of Design”. Her stunning Memento JH41 vase in green ceramic &Tradition perfectly showcases her taste for sculptural forms. Admire without moderation.

On 152 € madeindesign.com: .

Sferico glasses by Joe Colombo at Karakter

True icons of tableware, Joe Colombo’s ‘Sferico’ glasses produced by Karakter. Silvera

They were born in 1968 and represent a form of cookware revolution. Sferico 6 glasses with their curved and sensuous shapes are intended for multiple use. You can even serve ice cream there. Behind these models is the Italian designer Joe Colombo, an icon of futuristic design. If you can’t afford your legendary tube chair, you can invest in a set of Sferico glasses.

€22.10 per glass silvera.fr: .

Source: Le Figaro

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