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The incredible story of Denise Ohnona, the British woman who became a stunning Kate Moss lookalike.

Denise Ohnona mimics Kate Moss’ iconic shot. @iamnotkatemoss:

For several years, Denise Ohnona has deceived the whole world thanks to her almost perfect resemblance to “The Branch”.

The scene takes place at McDonald’s in Liverpool. Through the bay window we see Kate Moss wolfing down a cheeseburger, picking up some fries and licking her fingers. However, the “Twig” of the leopard coat is not what we think. Because it’s not the “real” Kate Moss, but her double Denise Ohnona. a British woman, also in her forties, with a pointed nose and cheekbones like a famous model. Even if they are separated by about 7 centimeters.

For several years now, Denise Ohnona has been perfectly fooling people she meets on the street, because her resemblance to Kate Moss is so obvious and even disturbing. “Fake air” that he decided to use and which today has allowed him to offer similar services worldwide for television or fashion shows.

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Serious accident

But nothing was destined for him to go this way. In 2011, the Englishwoman from Ormskirk, Lancashire, separated from her husband and focused on raising her daughter, Elise. And there it is, the hellish spiral. “I didn’t take care of myself anymore. I felt terrible because I had lost the person I had spent eight years with. So I stopped eating well and taking care of myself, I was more concerned with comfort and convenience,” she says. Sun in 2017. But after being stopped on the street for her resemblance to Kate Moss, Denise Ohnona is gradually regaining her confidence. Once again in a relationship with Robert, the mother-of-two models her wardrobe in her wardrobe. real Kate Moss and hits the gym to improve her figure. The bet is a winner. Everywhere he goes, people ask for selfies, and soon the paparazzi are having fun with this confusion. His teenage dream is finally coming true. In Daily Mail: “It’s incredible that I was able to find something that took me from my mother’s bullying lifestyle to the glamorous ‘top model’ lifestyle.”

From the age of 16, the British woman aspired to become a model. The agency even noticed him in 1998, when he was 18 years old, but an event disrupted all his plans. on October 3, a double-decker bus collided with the car in which he was riding with his friend at the time. As a result of the collision, Deniz jumped from the passenger seat and hit the steering wheel. “My head was full of blood, I was screaming. It was completely split, my cheek was hanging,” he recalls in the columns Liverpool Echo . The accident leaves him with scars on his face. “When I looked at my reflection in the hospital mirror for the first time and saw my face, I screamed. (…) After the accident, I didn’t go out at all. I had changed, I was no longer the person I was before. They put me on antidepressants.”

The target of the paparazzi

If Denise Ohnona has been in Kate Moss’s shoes since 2017, after all, it was only from January 2019 that her imitator’s career exploded. And that, because Alison Jackson’s assistant (an English artist, famous for performing the characters of celebrities) noticed her on social networks. “He asked me to do a flash mob with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lookalikes, and I was a bit more confident then. I participated in the event, met other similar people and told myself that I can do it,” says “fake” Kate Moss, who is still h. Liverpool Echo. The beginning of a new life. Since then, Denise Ohnona has been constantly asked to emulate the rebellious model, who was promoted at the age of 15 after a Calvin Klein campaign.

Today, Denise Ohnona is posing as Kate Moss on her social media under the nickname @iamnotkatemoss (understand, I’m not Kate Moss). To the delight of his 11,200 Instagram subscribers and paparazzi. And all the details are there: smoky eyes, thin blonde gradient, smoke… Something to stroke your ego. “When I first started painting, I was very shy and felt like a fraud because I was fake moss. But over time I began to appreciate it, and now I find it very flattering, cheers the famous double Daily Mail:. Who wouldn’t want to be mistaken for Kate Moss? She is one of the greatest women of all time.”

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Source: Le Figaro

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