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TikTok reveals the most popular idols on the platform

This week, TikTok revealed its ranking of the platform’s most popular artists in 2023. Check out which ones made it!

With the arrival of the end of the year, different platforms started to publish their 2023 numbers, presenting all their main trends. With TikTok, it was no different, and last Wednesday, the 6th, the social network shared which were the most popular artists of the year.

As reported by Koreaboo, the report was divided into categories, which address all fields of content circulating on the platform. The artist category was titled “The Hitmakers”, and featured 5 k-pop stars in the World Top 10.

They were: NewJeans (9th place), LE SSERAFIM (8th place), ENHYPEN, (6th place), BTS (4th place) and BLACKPINK (3rd place).

Additionally, TikTok also released country-specific reports. In South Korea, in addition to the artists who were present in the world ranking, the other five positions in the Top 10 were also occupied by large groups in the K-pop industry. See the full list:


2nd BTS



5th NewJeans

6th NCT


8th Stray Kids



Source: Recreio

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