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SEVENTEEN participates in session at the UNESCO Youth Forum

In addition to speaking, SEVENTEEN also performed 5 songs at UNESCO. Look!

Last Tuesday, the 14th, the members of SEVENTEEN participated in a session at the UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, France, where they gave inspiring speeches, in addition to performing the songs “_WORLD”, “Darl+ing”, “Headliner”, “God of Music” and “Together”.

During the session, Seungkwan, June, Woozi, Mingyu, Joshua It is Vernon were responsible for speaking, presenting different points in each one’s speeches.

Seungkwan He began his speeches by citing the connection between Jeju Island, his hometown, and UNESCO, where he explained that the place is recognized by the entity as a Biosphere Reserve, World Natural Heritage Site and Global Geopark, being the first place in the world to receive the three honors.

June It is Woozi took the stage to talk a little more about the friendship between the members of SEVENTEEN, and the difficulties they went through to gain recognition in the industry. Second Woozi, “We each had our own strengths, whether it was our vocals, performance or hip hop. And as we learned from each other and came together as one, SEVENTEEN’s identity began to take shape.”

On the other hand, Mingyu took advantage of his speaking time to share with the public about the large donations made by the members of SEVENTEEN, using the money they earned as singers, for good causes, citing the time they presented children in Tanzania with 13 goats.

“We do this because we want to make sure that no young person, no matter who they are or where they come from, gives up on their dreams or becomes discouraged,” reflected the idol.

The penultimate member to speak was Joshua, which highlighted the work carried out with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, and the #GoingTogether campaign, which aims to help raise awareness among young people about education. The star took the opportunity to thank CARATs, fans of the group, who carried out actions to support the campaign.

“None of this would have been possible without CARATs, our fans, who took action to help the campaign. Thank you, CARATs. We love you. We hope that our actions through UNESCO will reach young people around the world, from children on islands even smaller than Jeju, to those in every corner of the world who are promoting, reaffirming and realizing their dreams as we speak,” he said. Joshua.

Finally, Vernon He used his time to end the speeches by presenting the songs that would be performed, in addition to ending his thanks using lyrics from SEVENTEEN tracks. He said:

“Let’s open a new future together. I care about you, you care about me, we can be everything we need. Even a small action today can give people courage for many days to come… Let’s shine together. We just met, but we can dance together. If we are together. You and I are never losing our way. You and I will be walking in a straight line. He concluded: “I hope these words become closer to your heart after listening to our stories and our music. Thanks.”.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s participation in UNESCO!

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