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30 seconds, 7 minutes or 1 hour. express treatments and beauty rituals adapted to all times

30 seconds, 7 minutes or 1 hour.  express treatments and beauty rituals adapted to all times

It’s not always easy to find time to take care of yourself. From express treatments that take just a few seconds to longer rituals that open true braces, here’s our crescendo pick. To each at their own pace.

7 seconds: bright hair

Antioxidant cranberry extract instantly protects color from dullness and false reflections. The shine stays there.

Express Repair Treatment 7sec Gliss Color Perfector, Schwarzkopf.

30 seconds: smile à la carte

Red 2.55, Red Beige or Red Roman? You don’t have to choose anymore, because half a minute is all it takes to swipe a new lipstick color in this chic and technological metallic glass case.

Le Rouge, Chanel (€370 per set including 1 lipstick, 2 refills, 1 leather case and 1 jersey case).

2 minutes: peak hair

This liquid serum to massage into hair lengths delivers all its restorative power in 120 seconds deep into the fibers. An army of peptides and amino acids restores the molecular structure of damaged hair.

Absolut Repair Molecular Rinse Serum, L’Oréal Professionnel.

3 minutes: clean break

Poorly cleansed skin. He takes revenge. Too much exposure? He is suffering. Do you use cotton pads? Not ideal for the planet and the skin. Celia Guevara, head of the beauty workshop at the Avène Thermal Center, has her own technique for gently cleansing it. every evening, remove make-up with gel, milk or oil, massaging with fingertips, without rubbing, in circular motions. Wash with a wash pad in lukewarm or cold water and always finish with a long warm water massage with your fingertips. Yes, Aven’s water is massive.

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3 minute LED session at home

This handy roller is applied to the face using the quick gestures outlined in the online tutorial. The purpose: combine the effects of blue and red lights with serum capsules that are armored with active ingredients such as niacinamide and hexapeptide. At a rate of three minutes a day, we notice results in facial skin as well as overall firmness after a month.

Repair Lightinderm program, €430 (for device and 4 weeks of treatment).

7 minutes: A shot of optimism

The new Bubble Wellness app, created by meditation and yoga teacher Florian Bongard, features well-thought-out programs to support women every day. ” Charge yourself with good energies ” takes only seven minutes with a relaxing visualization.

Bubble Wellness App on iOS and Android.

10 minutes: freshness effect

This blue gel texture mask is able to reduce skin temperature by 4°C. It’s time to send a wave of calcium into the heart of the cells to resume their fundamental activity and benefit from an immediate refreshing and uplifting effect.

Cryo-Flash cream mask, Clarins.

10 minutes – professional diagnosis

Lancôme’s high-tech skin analysis tool offers a new diagnosis to better understand your aging skin, focusing on firmness. Within ten minutes, the AI ​​scans your epidermis, measures key scores (firmness, wrinkles and crow’s feet) to update your strengths and needs, and suggests a prescription.

Lancôme Skin Lift Index diagnosis, free of charge, at all Lancôme points of sale equipped with Skin Screen. List on

15 minutes semi-permanent polish hands down

You can do a full semi-permanent nail polish application in less than a quarter of an hour without leaving the house. With Manucurist’s Green Flash Kit, simply flash each base coat, gloss and top coat under an LED lamp to reveal brilliant color for up to ten days. Better. the clear formula can be removed from under the nail polish remover foil without damaging your nails.

Pro Green Flash Kit (pro lamp + 2 colors), Manucurist, €188.

30 Minutes – Dare to sport brilliantly

Against the first signs of aging, Seasonly’s Le Sculpt (gym) treatment offers a stretching session for your skin to relax, smooth and soothe tired features. The gloss goes up immediately. In the long term, these deep and dynamic maneuvers stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

€65 in season. Addresses on

45 minutes general fitness session

Running is good. Doing it under infrared lamps is better. This is the concept of infrafitness that arrives in France. treadmill in a closed capsule under vacuum, with infrared. The purpose: maximize the results of your session by accelerating calorie burning (up to 2500 calories in 45 minutes). Endangered? Gain muscle mass and lose cellulite, as well as a sense of relaxation thanks to the effects of warmth and weightlessness.

Infrarun, €50 per 45-minute session Maison Combray, 219, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris.

45 minute bounce session

Morgan Miller, co-founder of Jymp (gym and skipping) assures us that 15 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of running. So 45! “Offering a high capacity for progress and quick results, this complete workout works the cardio and sculpts the figure quickly, while giving you a good mood. » Let’s jump! !

List of Jymp rooms at

50 minute hot-cold warning

The latest thalassotherapy center to appear on the Pink Granite Coast, Rose Marine has envisioned a protocol that awakens the senses and revitalizes energy; The Celtic Journey. Spend 5 minutes in a 40°C pink salt cave, 10 minutes in a 60°C sauna, then 5 minutes in an 80°C sauna. To complete the detox effect, spend 5-10 minutes in a 45°C bath before taking a cold shower or applying ice. Then Immerse yourself for 5 minutes? the oven “after” the guruhaut “, and 2 minutes (if possible) ” the barrel ”, the three baths at 36°C, 29°C and 17°C, respectively. “This gradual rise in body temperature, followed by a gradual descent into seawater pools, activates the vasoconstriction process and optimizes sports recovery, well-being and overall relaxation,” explains Thalasso and Spa Center Manager Virginie Le Gargason. Invigorating.

From €39 entry to Espace Zen, Thalasso Roz Marine, 58, boulevard Thalassa, 22700 Perros-Guirec.

1 hour: renewable electromagnetic field

Female hormone expert Charlotte Muller has created her own massage protocol enhanced with an infrared PEMF mat that connects you to the earth’s magnetic field. The promise. Its deep massage power at the right vibrational frequency, infrared heat and negative ions emitted from the crystals layered in the mat ensure maximum relaxation of the body and mind.

Charlotte Muller Rejuvenating Massage × Higherdose, €200 for 60 minutes. Studio Charlotte Muller Method, 9, rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris.

1 day: star transformation

In a luxurious setting, Carita Beauty House offers total immersion in its black and white universe for a dream day. Divided into 11 steps, your schedule is tailored to your skin and hair needs, but also to your desires. All are highlighted by gourmet breaks in the cozy Rosy & Maria restaurant.

Carita Day, from €900 Maison de Beauté Carita, 11, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris.

Stars are revealed without makeup

Source: Le Figaro

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