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MAMAMOO’s Hwasa releases new single in response to criticism

In her latest comeback, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa drops track about loving her own body and responds to criticism of her performances

hwasa is back! This Wednesday, the 6th, the MAMAMOO member released her newest solo single “I Love My Body”, complete with a fun clip. Check out this comeback:

The track is a response to the criticism that the idol received due to her live performances, which are considered by the public to be “too sensual” (via Omelete). In the song, hwasa makes it clear to fans and haters alike that she loves her body above all else.

I heard that the way I presented myself was controversial, which is understandable, but the hateful comments I got for it were intolerable. I’m not usually susceptible to that kind of thing, but it crossed the line,” Hwasa said.

The artist, who is now part of the agency P Nation, led by PSYeven revealed what it was like to record “I Love My Body” at the right time:

When I heard the song, I smiled for the first time in a long time. The title made me laugh and the rhythm infected me. I’m not saying I’m going to ignore all the criticisms of me, but I think it’s fair to ignore the ones that are ridiculously hurtful.”

To date, the most recent comeback of hwasa it had happened almost two years ago, when she released the album “Guilty Pleasure”. The artist has been a member of MAMAMOO since 2014, alongside Solar, Wheein It is moonbyul.

Source: Recreio

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