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Artemis I, the warrior queen who humiliated the Athenians

V:e century, this queen, whose exploits are praised by Herodotus, was an incomparable captain of ships. “Real” Amazon. Story told by Virginia Giraud*.

Artemis ID:, the queen of ancient Halicarnassus, is almost unknown to the general public. Of course, Hollywood paid him a special tribute 300. Birth of an EmpireAmerican film by Israeli director Noam Murrow, 2014. The majestic Eva Green features her features in saturated colors in this artistic fluff. But this cinematic Artemisia, the poisoned lover of the Athenian strategist Themistocles, bears little relation to reality.

To put one’s finger on it, one must go back to the texts of Herodotus, who is more a poet than a historian, who recounts his great deeds from B.C. Some forty years after the Battle of Salamis in 480 AD. between the Greeks and their Persian invaders in B.C. Artemis is the daughter of King Lygdamis of Halicarnassus. During his father’s reign, his kingdom, located in Caria (present-day Turkey), came under the rule of Darius I, king of kings.eh. Lygdamis retained his position in exchange for respect.

The video features Eva Green, the evil woman on screen, as Milady The Three Musketeers

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Brave navigator

At that time, in the East, women could exercise power in the absence of male successors. After the death of Lygdamis, Artemis inherits her father’s crown. When Xerxes IehThe son of Darius decides to colonize mainland Greece, he integrates the sovereign into his military council. Although she is a woman, he appreciates her for her wise counsel. The Queen provides him with armed formations and five warships.

Artemis 1:D: Departure for the Battle of Salamis, by Juan Justo Huguen. AFP forum

After a victorious Persian military campaign leading up to the famous Battle of Thermopylae, where three hundred elite Spartan soldiers were sacrificed, Xerxes’ fleet decides to attack the Greeks in the narrow Gulf of Salamis. The king of kings is unaware that the strategist Themistocles has set a trap for him, luring him to this arm of the sea, which lies between the dry island and the Attic coast. Themistocles has only three hundred triads of war against a thousand Persian ships, but in the heart of this narrow promontory, where great maneuvers are impossible, the Greeks prevail. Artemisa commands her own fleet on her flagship. An experienced sailor, he braves the battlefield. The queen knows that the Greeks have put a price on her head because they cannot bear the thought of a woman leading the warriors and causing them defeat.

humiliated men

Suddenly, the Artemis ship is being chased by a Greek trio who are trying to sink it. The queen orders a retreat, but an allied ship blocks her way. Without any hesitation, he orders to beat him. Then the Greeks think they have mistakenly pursued their own and change course. From the shore, where he watches the battle, Xerxes is convinced that Artemis has sunk the Greek ship…

At sunset, the Persians celebrate their defeat and leave the Gulf of Salamis. Xerxes, however, considers that only Artemis fought well. He offers his armor to thank her as he gives his other admirals catsticks. By emphasizing Artemis’ worth, he deliberately humiliates his people.

That’s right, Artemisia made history with an unfair trick that saved her life. She was, however, a respected warrior queen. What kind of woman does the proud Greek hoplites need to tremble?

*Virginie Giraud has a doctorate in history. Find him on the podcast At the heart of the story From Europe 1 Studio, on your favorite listening platform.

Source: Le Figaro

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