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Agnes Hurstell. “I quickly realized that I couldn’t bet on my body, so it had to be funny.”

Actress, but also writer and co-director of Season 2 of young people and Golri, Agnes Hurstel recalls Prune, her heroine, whose bonds with her mother-in-law develop over time.

In the second season, be even stronger than the previous one. it’s Agnes Hurstel’s successful bet on the sequel. Young & Golri, The best French series was recognized at the 2021 Series Mania festival. If the first chapter focuses on the story of the heroine Prune (played by Agnes Hurstel) about her unwillingness to have a child, the second one depicts the broken maternal bond between her and Prune. stepdaughter Alma when she separates from the girl’s father (Jonathan Lambert). Ripe and bitter Young & Golri Season 2 cleverly questions the bond between a stepmother and her stepchildren. In addition to touching on serious topics with humor, Agnes Hurstel this time realized her dream by becoming the co-director of her own series.

In the video, Young And Golli:Season 2 trailer

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“The fictions of my childhood made me grow up in the image of a stepmother.”

Miss Figaro. – What did you want to say? Young & Golli 2?
Agnes Hurstell. – The fictions of my childhood forced me to grow up with the image of a stepmother, while today I see stepparents around me who have developed great relationships with their stepchildren. I was interested for this second season to tell what happens between them after the separation, knowing that the in-laws do not have legal status. And I also liked the idea of ​​a toxic relationship between a teenager and her ex-stepmother.

Your heroine has radically revised her judgment about motherhood…
I have struggled with my co-authors to get them to accept this change. It is not rare that a woman does not want to have a child at the age of 25 and dreams about it eight years later. I try to tell the ambivalence of women.

It is the ambivalence of women that I am trying to convey

Agnes Hurstell

How much fun did you have co-directing?
I enjoyed playing HRD for 80 people and I found it interesting to push each member of the teams to excel. It was the first time I was offered a leadership position, and I told myself that if I don’t impose the management I dream of, no one will. So we found an organization where we can leave our children. at school, take them from the kindergarten in the evening; I wanted the minors in the series to grow up in an atmosphere of agreement, and for everyone to walk away from this shoot telling themselves that they will no longer accept lower positions.

“Prune lets me go where I can’t in life”

How similar are you to your character?
I have neither his audacity nor his audacity. I am wiser, organized and thoughtful than him. I wore a corset for ten years because of deforming scoliosis, and it made me lose all sense of carelessness at a very young age. Therefore, Prune allows me to go where I cannot in life.

As a teenager, I quickly realized that I couldn’t bet on my figure, so I had to be funny.

Agnes Hurstell

In the series, the stepdaughter Alma has become a teenager. What memories do you have of that period?
Terrible memories! So I had a corset, glasses, rings, acne… I quickly realized that I couldn’t bet on my figure, so it had to be funny.

How Saul Benchetrit got to casting Young & Golli? A friend who knows her assured me that the role of Alma was made for her. So I started following her on Instagram. Then I met his mother, Anna Mouglalis, with whom I was a member of the festival jury, and she introduced me to Saul one evening. I was very nervous about talking to him about my series, and he immediately told me. “Your series is feminist. And smart? I suggested watching season 1 to get an idea and he accepted.

In the series, Prune reveals that her grandmother was Jewish. What place does religion have in your life?
I am deeply secular, but I grew up in a family where my Jewish great-grandfather was said to have been murdered. I adored my grandparents and did not understand that they were orphaned because neighbors or colleagues condemned their parents. Later there was an obsession with uniforms and an obsession with policemen. I always chose apartments with two entrance and exit doors, I sat at the end of the row at the cinema… When I came of age, I thought about how to fix this past in my own way, and today this topic is connected to me internally. Written work. I wonder how popular comedies can be made on this topic.

“At the moment I really want to play in fiction”

What are your future plans?
I did both of Quentin Dupierre’s films, who I Instagrammed after seeing his film Unbelievable, but true (2022) to tell him all the good things I thought about it. He made fun of me because I was using you and offered to play there Yannick Then Yes which should be out soon. Then I played no wave by Teddy Luci-Modest, which he wrote with Audrey Dewan. This film is very political, committed and personal and I loved this story about a young teacher wrongly accused of molestation by a student at ZEP. I also just finished The Bible for a slightly chilling new series about the ambivalence of female monsters.

Do you miss the stage from your stand? up
Not a second! I will probably do theater again to interpret this or that text and with a collective, but at the moment I really want to play in fiction.

What memories do you keep from your collaboration? Cedric Klapish for his series Greek salad?
I discovered the humility of this man, and when I filmed the Christmas episode I wrote, where I played Romain Duris’ companion, I was so caught up in the scene that I forgot to say my line…. After all these experiences, I realize how many dream years I am living right now.

Young & Golli, season 2 with and with Agnes Hurstel, Saul Benchetrit, Jonathan Lambert, Melanie Dutey, Marie Papillon… Starting June 8 at 9pm on OCS Max.

Source: Le Figaro

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