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Who is Desiree? Meet the new member of Now United

New Brazilian in the area! Last Thursday, the 1st, Now United announced that the São Paulo Desiree, aged 18, was chosen as the new member responsible for representing Brazil in the group. The singer will replace Any Gabriellywho left the group at the end of last year.

the choice of Desiree happened after the end of the reality show “New Dreams”, which had eight episodes, and was presented by Anywhere the artist competed for the vacancy with two other Brazilians: Lucas Burgati It is Henry Cechini. During the program, the trio had to participate in different activities, until the final decision.

However, before arriving at the name of the three finalists, Now United held numerous virtual and in-person auditions with candidates from all over Brazil. After this, Lucas, henry It is Desiree they left for Los Angeles, where they went through an intense period of preparation, with singing and dancing lessons.

Simon Fuller, creator of the group, was responsible for announcing the choice in the last episode of “New Dreams”. According to the businessman, although the new official member is Desireethe three will have the opportunity to record a new song with the other members of Now United.

New generation of members

In February, Now United announced that, starting this year, the group will have a new generation of members, with new members from Brazil, Portugal, Philippines and perhaps from other places in the world. So far, only the Brazilian has been chosen.

Since the end of last year, several members of Now United’s first lineup have announced their official departure from the group. The first ones were Noah Urreafrom United States, Any Gabriellyfrom Brazil, and Josh Beauchamp, from Canada. Before them, Diarra Syllafrom Senegal, had already left the group a few years ago.

Soon after, other members also announced the end of their trajectory in the group. Are they: SofiaPlotnikovafrom Russia, Baileymayfrom Philippines, HinaYoshiharafrom Japan, Heyoonjungfrom South Korea, JoalinLoukamaafrom Finland, and shivanipaliwalfrom India.

On the other hand, destiny, from Germany, declared that he will not be present in all the activities in the group from this year onwards, even if he remains in the formation. Already sabina, from Mexico, did not confirm that he left the group, however, he is currently focused on his personal life. About that, Krystianfrom China, no longer participates in NU activities, but has not announced his official departure.

Source: Recreio

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