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Claire Nuvian. “The fishing industry is a real mafia.”

Journalist Claire Nouvian. (Paris, May 30, 2017) Stefan Remmel/Getty Images

In 2018, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Ecology, Goldman Prize, he founded the non-governmental organization “Bloom” for the protection of the seabed.


Born in Bordeaux in 1974, Claire Nouvian grew up in Algeria, France, then Hong Kong, raised by her mother and grandparents after her father turned his back on them. As an adult, he lives in Germany, Thailand and Argentina, becoming a journalist and then a documentarian. “After filming the destruction of forests, I felt anger and sadness,” he recalls. We had to silence the slaughter of biodiversity, species. TV channels don’t like bad news. Scientific rigor attached to the body, the uncompromising man slams the door and makes his own documentaries about the mysteries of the seabed. In 2005, he created Bloom, first a platform for raising awareness and then for struggle. Focus on bottom flutter.

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Its effect

“This industrial fishing technique consists of dragging huge weighted nets to scrape the bottom where the biggest and noblest fish like cod or halibut live. Along the way, everything is uprooted and an incredibly diverse, rich and complex fauna is destroyed. In deep water, the nets are so large that they can contain several planes. It is the obscene deployment of the greatest technological efficiency against the greatest biological vulnerability on the planet. All this while the oceans form the true lungs of the planet thanks to their ability to absorb carbon over millions of years. Destroying them means releasing real climate bombs into the atmosphere. In 2016, Bloom finally banned bottom diving below 800 meters. That’s still a lot for its founder, but it’s already a major setback for the industry, which is used by 285 ships worldwide. “I exposed the brutality of their lobbies, their lies, their cowboy methods.” Very early on, Claire Nouvian receives death threats via SMS. “These people were willing to do this to protect these few combat vehicles. They are crazy! It spurred me on. It’s unpleasant, of course, but I was ready to die.” He scored another victory in 2019 with the European ban on electrofishing, which came into effect two years later.

This diversity tells the story of life on our planet. For that reason alone, he deserves to be left alone.

Claire Nuvian

Its ecosystem

About twenty people, the Bloom team, and a network of 8,000 regular donors who provide 70% of the NGO’s income. Sufficient to work on long-term technical documents, often in collaboration with many other institutions for environmental protection or anti-corruption. “It’s a lot more common than you think, especially in the fishing industry, it’s a real mafia.”

His oxygen

He is fascinated by the sea floor, which is home to centuries-old sharks, 4,000-year-old corals and as-yet-unknown species. “This diversity tells the story of life on our planet. For that reason alone, he deserves to be left alone.

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Source: Le Figaro

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