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Are Twilight and Coraline connected? Bizarre theory says yes

Find Out How the Romance of the ‘Twilight Saga’ Is Connected to the Spooky Fantasy of ‘Coraline’

After moving to her father’s house, the human Bella Swan discovers new realities by falling in love and living an unlikely romance with the vampire Edward Cullen — this is the premise of ‘Twilight’, the literary saga created by Stephenie Meyer adapted for cinemas between 2008 and 2012.

Quite different from the teenage love story is ‘Coraline’, a fantasy written by Neil Gaiman which became an animated film in 2009 following the title girl of the story living a huge and scary adventure in an alternate world after moving to a new house.

Looking coldly, the two films have only one fact in common: both protagonists have just moved and feel a bit lonely in their new homes, but TikTok user corinnieeeee found an even deeper connection between the plot of the Twilight Saga and ‘Coraline’ (via Screenrant).

Are Twilight and Coraline connected?

To understand the connection created by corinnieeeee it is necessary to remember the events of ‘Coraline’.

In the animation, the girl goes through a colorful portal and finds a parallel reality where everything happens as she always dreamed: her mother cooks good meals, her father is attentive, there is a big and beautiful garden around her house, and so on.

However, to be part of that world, the little girl would have to sew buttons on her eyes and renounce everything she had in her reality. Tempting though it was, eventually Coraline discovers that what she thought was perfect was designed by her “other mother”, who is actually a demonic entity whose purpose was to steal the blue haired girl’s soul.

With that in mind, Corine traces some similarities between Coraline’s and Twilight’s history, one of them being between the Cullens and the mother of the parallel world, since, like the entity, they can seem attractive to those who will be their future prey. , like Edward, who easily seduces Bella.

Another common point is that Coraline’s neighbors appear in the “perfect world” not as they really are, but in their idealized versions of their lives and careers, something that can also be seen in the Cullens.

But, according to Corine, the biggest point of similarity is even between Coraline and Bella, after all, when knowing the reality of the Cullens, she is dazzled to receive everything that she normally didn’t have in her common life, but unlike Coraline, she doesn’t manages to “break the enchantment”. See the video!

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