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Transparency and the red carpet. when Natalie Portman subtly showed off her panties at Cannes

Natalie Portman wore a see-through Rodarte dress to her first Cannes Film Festival as a director. (May 17, 2015) Toni Anne Barson

At the 68th Cannes Film Festival, the Israeli-American actress stepped out in a revealing dress to introduce her first film as a director.

This month of May 2015 has a special flavor for Natalie Portman. After a twenty-year career that began at the age of 12, on set Leon (Luc Besson, 1995), an Israeli-American actress turns director. On May 17, he presents his first film A story of love and darkness at the Cannes Film Festival and lends itself to a photocall game. However, to show off, she chooses a dress that is transparent from the back.

All of Natalie Portman’s Cannes red carpet appearances

Natalie Portman in a transparent dress in Cannes. (May 17, 2015) Laurent Viteur

Cannes, Natalie Portman, Godmother of the Chopard Trophy, captivates the crowd at Carlton Beach

Usually not so extravagant in terms of style, Natalie Portman bets this time on an asymmetric dress of the Rodarte brand that reveals black panties. And if the transparent dress has become a recurring style image of red carpets, then the actress stood out.

Natalie Portman bet on Rodarte’s asymmetric dress to present her film A story of love and darkness At the Cannes Film Festival. (May 17, 2015) Anthony Harvey

“It takes the right gear”

While the wave of transparency has spread to social events, few have exposed their bodies so much at Cannes. The famous stair climb, subject to the “appropriate dress” requirement, certainly featured a certain vivacity. Among them, Madonna in a cone-shaped bra by Jean Paul Gaultier in 1991 or a half-naked Victoria Abril in 1997. Natalie Portman already rocked two weeks ago by walking up the stairs with a shaved head in 2005. Ten years later, this time as a director, he plays cheeky again.

Source: Le Figaro

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