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Which Disney princesses have powers?

With many princesses in its character portfolio, having powers is not a skill required by the producer, however, despite not being, many characters of the brand have different skills in relation to others, as an example, we can mention Elsa, from ‘Frozen’.

Knowing this, RECREIO went further and brought other Disney princesses who have powers. Check it out below:

1. Moana, from ‘Moana’

Moana is the last princess of disney to be presented, and despite everything their abilities are always put in check to know if they are powers or not.

Because she has a strong relationship with the ocean, this makes her chosen as the heroine destined to save the world. Although she doesn’t have any power to control the waters of the sea, her connection to the sea alone makes her considered to have a proper superpower.

Moana/Credit: Reproduction/Disney

2. Pocahontas from ‘Pocahontas’

Daughter of the leader of a Native American tribe, Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas’ powers are linked to shamanism, that is, the title character has the ability to communicate with spirits, empathize with animals, understand other languages ​​and still connect with nature.

However, it is unknown if the skills that the character has are hers alone or something that extends throughout the tribe in which she lives.

Pocahontas/Credit: Reproduction/Disney

3. Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’

Rapunzel’s powers from Disney’s ‘Tangled’ are all related to her long hair. With their support, the character can pick up and manipulate objects or even swing with their wires. Also, even with the help of her golden threads, she can heal minor and fatal wounds through the power of healing enchantment.

Rapunzel’s powers end after her hair is cut by Flynn.

Rapunzel/Credit: Reproduction/Disney

4. Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’

Youngest daughter of King Triton, Ariel has the ability to communicate with animals. The princess of ‘The Little Mermaid’ has the power of aquapathy, that is, she has the ability to communicate and understand sea creatures, a condition she was able to do even as a human.

Ariel/Credit: Reproduction/Disney

Source: Recreio

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