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The Russian singer released an anti-war video

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The artists said, let’s not be silent and inactive in the war. They call it conspiracy and reason.

Russian singer Monetochka, real name Elizaveta Girdymova, along with musicians Mr. Freeman & Voices of Peace released a new anti-war video for the song No harm done. The video was posted on YouTube.

The clip was created using the MidJourney and DALLE-2 neural network.

It talks about the war and those who died on the front, as well as about truth and fake.

“This work continues and develops the idea expressed in our previous Cryochamber video: silence and inaction are forms of complicity and justification,” said the artists.

“Is there really a war?
All that we do not know the truth,
We can’t check everything
We cannot muster all the will,
Not all tears can be shed
Do not remove everything from the field,
Don’t bury everything.

No one was hurt – it’s a fake, it’s stuffing.
Robot astronaut sends signal from distant stars:
There is no intelligent life on the enemy planet,
Destroyed the thing – no one was hurt”,
– says the song.

Recall that earlier Monetochka spoke in support of Ukraine and a free Belarus.

The Russian singer spoke about being persecuted for her anti-war stance

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