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BigHit Responds to BTS Suga’s Military Enlistment

Suga is expected to be one of the next BTS members to enlist in the South Korean military.

This Tuesday, the 13th, rumors began to emerge among the South Korean media that Sucksa member of BTS, will complete his mandatory military stint serving the South Korean army as a public servant, due to his shoulder surgery.

Through a released note, BigHit Music, the agency responsible for the group, responded to the rumors, where it said:

“BTS members plan to serve in the military sequentially according to their own plans. It is difficult to confirm the artist’s personal information.”

In the year 2020, Sucks underwent surgery to treat a labral tear in his shoulder. According to information released by BigHit itself, the idol suffered from problems in the region since 2012, when he was injured in an accident shortly after his debut.

In 2019, the star was diagnosed with “left shoulder posterior labial tear”, which means that his cartilage around his left shoulder joint was torn. The increase in pain and the inability to perform some movements led the idol to decide to undergo surgery to improve his quality of life and take care of his health.

Through a 2020 message to fans on WeVerse, Sucks vented: “As performing is part of my job, I tried to avoid surgery as much as I could and endured with rehabilitation and injections. However, I was scared because it got worse and worse every time I performed.”

So far, it has not been announced when Sucks plans to enlist in the army. However, all BTS members are expected to have completed their mandatory services in the year 2025, when they intend to reunite as a full group.

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