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A remake of Sting’s song “Desert Rose” by Viconan Victoria Kohana hit the Billboard charts

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After 22 years, the legendary song of the British singer Sting is again in the rotation of many radio stations.

The American label Universal Music Group, with Sting’s permission, released a remake, where the Ukrainian sound producer Runstar and the singer from Ukraine Viktoria Kokhana practiced. Another river will conquer the hearts of listeners around the world.

The new version of the legendary composition took the “star” on Apple Music. Such a mark is placed on those songs, which are likely to be heard. The remake became a reference for TikTok corrists – tens of thousands of videos and 200 million listeners did their right, increasing the popularity of Viktoria Kokhan’s iconic video.

Viktoria Kokhana – behind the river to Billboard

So it became clear that the remake of a Ukrainian sound producer slept soundly on the Billboard light chart, becoming a favorite of music lovers all over the planet.

“I I am very happy that the remake of Sting’s song “Desert Rose” worked on the Ukrainian production, which achieved dazzling results in streaming and having light charts. It is a great dacha to reach the creativity of such a great musician as Sting, and to know the inspiration of the chanulers of yoga music and just the music lovers of the world. Sting is a crazy music icon. I highly respect yoga as one of the best methodologists of the 20th century. Without this modern music would be impossible, so classical without Mozart“, – like a Ukrainian composer and a couple Victoria Kokhana.

Song history

In 1999 the band Sting sang a successful dance to the quiet song “Troyanda Pusteli” (Desert Rose). Vaughn bula was recorded as a duet with the Algerian Viconian Sheb Mami, whose vikonu is unique for the music world in the Rai style.

The composition was different from the track list on the Brand New Day album. The single “Desert rose” was released in 2000. Vaughn mayzhe immediately surprised the hit parade in Spain, and climbed into the first dozen charts in many other countries. The success of Ale all-world came after the release of the clip, which became an advertising video for the new car model “Jaguar” S-Type.

Source: korrespondent

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